I put on a new mac catback

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  1. Well i got the catback yester and put it on. I really like the tailpipes compared to say flowmaster cause its chrome all the way up and on top of the axle. As far as sound goes, it sounds mean. I have stock headers, stock motor, bassanni o/r x and now this. Its a lot quiter than the dumped flows obviously but it sounds good! The only problem is that the right tail pipe sticks out an inch past the bumper while the left one is perfectly flush with it? Is that a common problem?
  2. If I had to take a guess at it, it could be the h-pipe. Exhaust companies usually recommend using their h-pipe with their catback for the best fit. I'm not saying this is definately your problem but would be the first thing I look into.

  3. My MAC GT tailpipes weren't even but I didn't worry about it because they were hidden by the bumper cover. When I switched to a Cobra bumper and added LX pipes, they lined up properly.

    It may not be the H pipe specifically is what I'm trying to say.
  4. well i have the bassani x. My buddie said his were off too!
  5. Post up some pics & sound bits if you could.
  6. I had the same problem with mine and I also had a mac mid pipe and headers what I did was loosten the tail pipe and slide it a bit forward and the left I loosened and slid back a bit split the difference should take care of it
  7. how would that work? I cant push it back further. Sorry maby im just not understanding what you are sayin. I just cant push the tailpipe further in.
  8. my old lx had mac tails on it, the tips have a slot where the bolt going to the hanger is (at least they used to, dont know about new ones). just loosen the nut/bolt, have a friend tug the pipe where it needs to be and tighten the nut. put some treadlocker on it too, mine liked to loosen up and slide back and rub on the rear tires pretty good (i think the bbk h made it worse and is what kept pulling the whole catback forward, no such problems with my current setup).
  9. its not like that on new tails thanks though!
  10. i spent about 3 hours adjusting my MAC cat-back...what POS...it's the most difficult thing to properly align and setup!
  11. i had the same problem but never got around to fixing it before an old man pulled out in front of me, totaling my car. its a shame that so many people have trouble with fitment because the mufflers sound goood
  12. I helped my buddy put on his mac catback, and it fits perfectly. Took less than an hour start to finish, tailpipes were a piece of cake and lined up perfectly. On top of that, it sounds absolutely sick. I don't see why everyone has fitment problems with these systems.
  13. MAC rocks. Simply put.
  14. its just not as loud as i would like though, it seems muffled for some reason, Whats the delio?
  15. glad you like it, I got the same system on my car and I like it way it sounds too!!!
  16. because you just came from dumped flows, lol...everything will sound quieter then...

    Jesse (MAC'n89blckstng) has the same combo (O/R X and MAC's) on his car and it sounds effin wicked.
  17. does he have a sound clip i want to hear it from the out side! lol
  18. Anybody have any problems with fitment on a stock h-pipe? Also, is the best bet to go with one of Mac's off-road pipes if you change the mid-pipe?