I put on a new mac catback

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  1. Make sure to keep the tail pipes clean....they rust pretty easily. I too like how they're chromed all the way up to the axles instead of just a tip welded on and chromed. I had their full lengths, Pro Chamber and full cat-back on my coupe for a while and everyone loved the sound but it was really quiet....i could hear the Tremec whine more than the exhaust, and that sucked.
  2. It would probably seem quieter because there's no where near as much drone as dumped flows, inside and out. From outside, the mac really barks though. Maybe it's not as loud because your car is stock, not really sure. Bentley429's is pretty freakin loud though, especially when steppin into it.
  3. yea probably but his is blown and cammed? I do like it i just need to find someone i trust to drive my car so i can hear it lol
  4. h/c/i and blown. You fly me there and back I'll drive the car for you.
  5. I had fitment problems with the stock h-pipe & the MAC Pro-Chamber h-pipe.

    even the people at SLP had a hard time getting it installed correctly when they put it back on my car.