I put some wheel spacers on

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  1. Can you tell?
    5/16" each side in the rear, and 1/8" in the front. It isn't a lot, but it is noticible, and the car looks a bit more aggressive, and the rear looks much better IMHO.
    BWT, the streets are still a little wet, and my car needs wax desperatly.
    Whacha think?

    This last image is from before. Can you see the difference?
  2. more pictures uploaded
  3. I'd like to get a set of H&R 1" spacers for my ride. the rear tires are just way to tucked on 94-98 cars
  4. uh ooooh?

    Quick question Bhuff. I just bought some wheel spacers 5/16" all four. I have 17x9 Cobra R's with 255/40/17 on them. My question obviously is 5/16" overkill on the front? I am in the process of flaring the front fenders with fiberglass also(just around the edge a little for the sake of space and a little rust problem :notnice: ). I'd like to know what kinda of room you have with the 1/8" on the front and what tires your running? Thanks! :nice:
  5. I am running 245-50-16s on the front on pony wheels. Can't really compare that to cobras, but the only running I had was on the sway bar.
    I thought my spacer thickness based on the amount I could move the wheels out and have no problems with thread engaugement. Just remember, you need to have 7 full threads engauged. The front of my car had a lot less available threads to use up with spacers.
    A 17x9 wheel in the front of a stang is quite a feat in itself. You need exactly the right backspacing, and hopefully with spacers and longer wheel studs, you can achieve that.
    Oh yah, you will probably need to retorque your wheels after driving 50 miles. The wheel isn't able to center itself on the hub (at least in the rear) any more, which causes the wheel to shift slightly after you run it for a while. My rears were slightly loose, but the fronts which were still centered on the hub were perfectly torques still.
  6. No way you can use spacers and 17x9's...

    Bhuff...I do notice a difference...looks like the car is a little lighter than the before pics. Can you see out the windshield better now?
  7. I can't really see 5/16 of an inch change when looking at the pictures. :nonono:

    I'm sorry Bhuff.

    But your car is now 10/16 of an inch wider now and I hope you enjoy a significant handling improvement. :banana:
  8. SWEET! now thats some ice cold A/c!....may not want to leave it on so long next time ;O) cars lookn Nice, i need some ponys (or some cobras!)
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    This was on another thread about a guy asking the same thing. There is a guy with beaver and some numbers in his name that used 1/4" spacers on his vert with Cobra R's. Although I cant recall if its the larger opening fenders for the 91 to 93 stangs. Either way thou he's running them. no offense, i pmed him but havent gotten a response either.
  10. Link is no good...
  11. What brand spacers are those??

    I need to kick my rear tires out 1/2" or so. My 5-lug conversion left them way too tucked in.

    Thing is, i'm worried about snapping studs. I drive VERY aggressively. Maybe i should look into some harded wheel studs anyway
  12. With my wheels, 5/16" is the biggest spacer I could use. Anything more and you definatly need longer studs. I bought mine off ebay. I spent ~30 shipped for all of them.
    1/2" isn't huge, but it will put more stress on the studs. I would not be to concerned about the extra stress. it isn't like you are using a 1" think spacer. :eek:
    MM makes a GOOD 1" spacer, and it works great for the back of the SN95 cars. they need every bit of that 1", but I imagine it would be to much for your fox.
  13. MM sells them they are made by H&R...I need to get a set for my car...it sucks how far in the wheels are tucked
  14. It sucks how slow it is too.