I really dig the active exhaust!


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Apr 15, 1999
Bloomfield, CT
I picked up a 2018 off the lot. I doubt I would have ordered a car with active exhaust, but I'm actually glad I have it. My neighbor works third shift so being able to start in quiet mode in the early AM is a plus (he appreciates it). I enjoy slipping it into track mode when I have the urge to fool around a bit. I am curious as to whether or not the various modes affect horsepower or gas mileage. Anybody have an answer to that?

It gave me trouble when I first got it - it would switch from whatever mode I had put it in back to normal and I couldn't change it. They reset the computer and it's worked fine ever since (10 months).

Also, does anybody know how to keep the exhaust setting in Sport mode. Every time it stars it goes to Normal (except when the timer starts in Quiet mode)?
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Aug 4, 2019
I have a 19 and noticed my active exhaust always reverts back to normal once I turn the car off and restart it. From everything I've looked up there's no way to save it. It's really the only thing I dont like about the car.