...I remember when

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  1. I remember when ...It was right after reading one of the posts on this forum about how this guy changed out his exahust and it was super loud and how he would rev the engine to scare school girls and hear them scream.

    ....later on that same day

    I crested a small hill in the city by a college and there on the left side in the Eye clinics parking lot was two mid teen girls wearing the blue, white and grey plaid catholic school girl dresses standing really close together facing one another oblivious of what was going on around them. Horns grew from my head and my eyes narrowed as I pushed in the clutch and stabbed the gas holding it to the carpet- the exhaust roared to unknown decible levels. The motor was pissed as it bounced angerily off the rev limiter. The school girls SCREECHED well louder then the exhaust & motor and lept into each others arms holding on for dear life.

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  2. great tech lol
  3. sorry thought it was talk :)
  4. And the wind from yer mighty exhaust blew their skirts up...?
  5. Made me lol
  6. Yeah, bad, but funny.

    I have frequently startled people just by starting the car in a parking lot. My exhaust isn't very loud either... just an off road pipe with stock mufflers.
  7. Saw some idiot teenage boys today riding their bikes down the wrong side of the road and considered doing this as they passed by. I figured one of the idiots would crash into a car and ruin my day though.