I sat in a 2005 GT today!

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  1. Yup. I helped set up the company booth at the Tarrant County Auto Show (Fort Worth, Texas) today, and there it was. Light blue GT.

    I had to be quick, as there were grumpy looking people with Ford logos on their shirts watching, but I sat behind the wheel and opened the hood. The battery was disconnected, and I couldn't move the seat out of munchkin setting, so I can't attest to how comfortable it is. That engine is just gorgeous too.

    I doubt it will be open during the regular show (just vendors setting up right now), but its still worth looking at. Its sitting next to a riser that has a Ford GT on it.

    It is this exact car:
  2. You are one lucky Texican.......I'm jealous!:nice:

    I would say I'm green with envy, but everyone knows I'm blue! :D
  3. Heheh, blue with envy will do just fine. :D
  4. What did you think of the color? I'm hoping to see that particular color in person-I am thinking of repainting my 91 ranger a similar color (it was originally a more silver version of that color. Something Frost I think). The current color is so blah-I love the "deep" colors, like Electric Green and Performance Red (I think that's the one)....
  5. Man you lucked out .That interior looks great, like the new F150. I may try and get a 6 banger for a daily driver if theyll pay off my Ranger. :shrug:
    Hmmm,,silver with black stripes maybe? :D
  6. Though I'm not sure I'd want to equip whatever fire-breathing GT version that I'd like with that color, I do have to say, it is a beautiful shade of blue. That said, I have to mention that my judgement is clouded by the fact that my first Mustang, a 65 6 cyl coupe was almost exactly the same shade of blue. FWIW, my wife is in love with this color, and she has very good taste. :D

    Hop, I do think that the interior is the highlight of the car, which is nice considering that the inside is what you are enjoying most while behind the wheel. I too have considered a V6 as a good daily driver, though I am tormented by the fact that the monthly payment would be just a little more for a 300 hp bad mofo. I also think grey with black stripes sounds like a great combo. :cool:
  7. ok mR.,,wHO ARE you AND wHERE IS BlAKE ??? :D

    Id LOVE to get a V8 too, but I drive about 35 miles one way to work :fuss:
    And theres my wife to contend with. Id look like this smiley :owned:
    if i brought home another Mustang and higher payments. She can be nasty. Her family is from the mountains of North Carolina . A place called Waynesville about 5 minutes from where that movie "Cold Mountain " is set. Why do yall think i come here to run my mouth?? I do it at home and im a dead man.
    So, most likely theres no 05 in my future . :(
  8. Yeah, I have to agree with the fact that it just doesn't look like a "powerful" color-but from the pics, neither does "legend lime". I thought when they said they brought back colors from the classics, they would bring back colors like Grabber Green :shrug: . No offense to anyone with a car painted (close to)that color (Wind veil blue or something like that), it just doesn't seem Mustangly (is that a word) like some of the other colors...

    Now, that darker blue with white stripes combo on the cover of.....oh, damn I forget which mag. Now THAT'S a combo!
  9. Me too Hop, but thats only because they wont have a Cobra in 05. I'm tradin my 97 Cobra in for an 06. It'll look perfect next to my 04 FX4-150 :D
  10. liar. that is not you! :D
  11. Heheh, I'm smarter than I look.
  12. I was wondering if Ford was going to bring the 05 to Tarrant... now I have to find time this weekend to go to the show! Thanks Blake!

    Oh yeah... one lucky bastard :D
  13. DItto :nice: