I saw the 05 in person..............

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  1. I saw the 05 in person.............. (pics)

    Well as many of you may know I have been a nay sayer of the new Mustang since the concept. I hated the concept when I saw it in pictures, but then I went and saw it in person and fell in love with it.

    Then when I saw the production version of the 05, I was very disappointed. The overall shape of the car was good, the rear was nice, but the front left much to be desired. Obviously they couldn't have made the concept a reality for the price they are offering now but it would have been nice to see them stick a little closer to the front end design.

    So that was my major point of disliking, the front end treatment.

    Well I finally saw the production version in person and I must say that the pictures don't do it justice. The front end still looked a little funky to me and I would definately go with a fog light delete option but overall I was impressed with the car. :D

    I took a few pictures and I will post them up once I am home so stay tuned......
  2. Yeah! Jay likes it, he really likes it!!! :p
  3. Not the best pics. The lighting wasn't great. I have larger versions if anyone wants them. Just shoot me an email.





    Still not a huge fan of this view.

    I would have gladly taken this one home.

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  4. Some other Ford (and non-Ford) products at the show

    A Lincoln concept car. It was huge but very cool looking.



    22"s on a Lincoln. They were HUGE.


    The so called "Tonka" Mighty F350


    The interior was crazy. The seatbelt (while not suited for the road) were similar to rock climbing gear with large metal locking clips. I know they have a name but I can't think of it.



    22" Dually rims and what looked like tractor tires on them.


    Until Ford releases the new Lightning this is the fastest truck on the road. 6 speed :drool:


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  5. i must say i do agree with you on getting a stang with the fog light delete, it makes it look super funky. as for the "Tonka" f350 goes, i think its ugly as all hell. there isnt anything i like about it. although that Lincoln is sweeeet looking. the side shot make it look awesome. i wanna go to that show!
  6. "Until Ford releases the new Lightning this is the fastest truck on the road. 6 speed :drool:"
    What about the Dodge Ram SRT-10 you have pictured? It does have a Viper engine! Now thats something to drool over! :drool:
  7. i wanted to let you know that i looked at your chop site and all i can say is
    :jaw: :eek: :drool: :eek: and last....

    :hail2: all of those chops are :nice: good job!
  8. Yes the SRT-10 was what I was talking about.
  9. If you see red X's check back later. Apparently my bandwidth is being taxed right now.