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  1. well since i see threads about jegs heads and striker force and tristate and other knock off heads i sent a email to the tech editor of MMFF mag to see if they would do a knock off head shoot out. I got a responce and i urge all of you who have wondered about these heads to send a email aswell.
    Here is my email and there responce.

    > ----------
    > From: Dan Gentry
    > Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 1:02 PM
    > To: [email protected]
    > Subject: Contacts_MMFF
    > Hello sir. I am not sure if you are the guy to be emailing but i have
    > always wanted to see a tech article on a few different heads then you guys
    > usally feature. Tristate heads comes up on mustang forum sites a lot.
    > Guys always wondering if they are any good. The jegs heads Kaase SB-Ford
    > heads would also be a interesting head to see if they are anygood. Since
    > i have a 351w in my 86 mustang obviously i would like to see them tested
    > on a 351w. I own holley systemax II heads and i realize now after reading
    > your guys magizine for the past 5 years that they are way to small. I got
    > suckered into buying them. Now i have 2 kids and not a lot of cash to buy
    > new heads but these other company's with these knock off heads i guess is
    > what they are look to be in my price range. D&D motorsports would also be
    > a candidate for the head shootout. Striker force also makes a cylinder
    > head that would be good to test. Hopefully i get a 408 stroker and a set
    > of afr 205's but i will have to stop buying diapers before that happens.
    > thx for your time. Dan Gentry

    Sounds like a good idea. We will consider it, thanks. Evan

    Evan J. Smith
    Technical Editor/Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine
    365 W. Passaic St.
    Rochelle Park, NJ 07662
  2. Having never written to MMFF, that response looks prefabricated.
  3. lol it may have been. so i sent one to 5.0 and super fords aswell.
  4. I'm with ya bro... Here's what I sent:

  5. That would be awesome if they did that, good call :nice:
  6. I had to give props... :D

  7. Believe me, sent them enough messages and such to know that you havent gotten anywhere. I have been back and forth with them on some things for email after email, only to have my suggestions sent to the wayside. Im not putting it down, as I love the mags, Im just sure they have tons of ideas for articles already.
  8. I'm sure that they do as well but what I think might prevent the idea from going forward, is that it bites the hand that feeds. IMO, there should be a budget section complete with article, each and every month.
  9. ok, i have some imput here.

    The reason that these guys arent gonna do this shootout anytime soon is because of the fact that companies like Edelbrock, AFR, TFS, Brodix and others advertise in their magazines. So if you were the head of one of those companies, and saw a shootout of japanese heads performing as well... or perhaps better than the heads you represent, you might pull your multi-million dollar ads! Plus, alot of times, even if the knockoff heads did well, they might "fabricate" the numbers down a bit, to ensure that the more expensive heads finish on top.

    wow, my journalism eduacation is actully paing off :D
  10. want me to walk over and talk to them? i live down the block from thier office, and have them on speed dial...
  11. 86bluecobra, pure genius :nice: Lets hope!
  12. ^ Very good point :nice:
  13. yes tell them STANGNET sent you.
  14. Yes i figured asmuch when i was writing the emal but i figure so many peeps want to know and if these guys get enough emails about the same thing from subscribers then maybe they would do it.
  15. thx i should add your quote to my sig not very often i have been accused of being that. lol
  16. MM&FF seems to have the best handle on the hobby.

    Campisano has responded to several of my emails. I just can't seem to find him at the Spring Break Shootout party so far though!
  17. May the Shortz be with you :flag:
  18. i agree any info on how it went would be nice.
  19. Asshat... isn't that what I just said? :p