I smell BS...

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  1. That ad sounds pretty misleading. what do they mean by "minor"?
  2. LoL so my bumped timing, roller cam/rockers, CAI, gutted upper and knifed edged lower with the a/c delete, and ported head....i must be putting out 190hp with those minor mods....i mean i cant help a 100hp loss through the drive-train...that t5 is such a leech! :owned:

    edit: 190hp eh, minor mod = 87-88 intercooled turbo coupe motor swap...if u want to call that minor~
  3. i'd say the 190 at the flywheel came from the exhaust, not the spark plugs ;)
  4. Are you sure it's not talking about a turbo 2.3?
  5. they are talking about turbo. thus the 190 flywheel hp
  6. Actually, "Bavarian Speed Racer" are you sure it's not talking about a Volvo or Audi or some other European car that comes with a 2.3L engine??? It says nowhere in the ad that they're referring to a Ford.
  7. Hey gang lets hope in the mystery machine and figure this one out, lets just hope its not old man McAlister in a mask again.

    A/ Bavarian Speed Racer. Ok the 2.3L Ford is originally a german designed engine, but I doubt that's what he was getting at
    B/ DTM flywheel and exhaust. DTM is Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, and a pretty cool race league. North American needs a DTM or English Touring League styled event over here.
    C/ BMW 323. BMW 323 = BMW 3 Series, 2.3L engine, like how a BMW 318 = BMW 3 Series 1.8L. or BMW 325 = BMW 3 Series 2.5L engine. Anal way to name a car, but clear, and better then precedia or integra or aztek or sable (aztec is spelled with a c for christs sake, not a K, sable, you could have changed the l to an r and had a badas$ name like sabre.).
    E/ I knew a guy with a '87 BMW 323 that was factory rated for crank 170 hp way back when, so newer ones having 190hp doesn't seem unreasonable. The Shatzes (ramones reference) aren't famous for overrating hp like Japanese manufacturers or underrating hp like Americans so I believe it.
    F/ He never said it was a Ford, SAAB and Volvo have 2.3L's too, SAABS and Volvo have turbo 4 2.3L is rated at around 240hp.

    I believe him about 190 at the wheels, though its probably a later BMW 323 that's punched out to 2.5L.

    Sorry about the scoob, I was watching jay and silent bob today.

  8. Actually the description says its for the 94 to 98 v6s. Made he confused himself between the 6 and the 4, but Im not sure if the 6 cylinder made even 190 hp?
  9. 99+ v6's are rated exactly 190hp at the flywheel
  10. 193
  11. so they added 3hp since 99? :rlaugh: i just read fords 2003 v6 and it says 193 , yet every other auto mag rates the v6 at 190...i guess that extra 3 horsepower comes from the spitport intake ...gotta love inovation :rolleyes:
  12. yeah you are just so sure of yourself i had to burst your bubble....and that number comes from ford.
  13. IM SO CONFUSED!!! :( jk

    P.S. Just waking up sucks...

    I think Im addicted, when I dont even have coffee in the morning or a cigarette or anything, I wake up, and I look on SN first thing :flag:
  14. Plug wires: -3hp
    fly wheel: no hp change, but it gets a lot harder to launch the car and your 60' will likely decrease from lack rotational intertial propelling you forward.
    Exhaust: 25hp
    any questions?
  15. Nope. Originally released in the Brazilian market. The 2.3 (upsized 2.0) was originally used in late 70's Pintos.
  16. I'm not sure on after market systems for a 2.3 n/a or turbo ( the 2.3's we usually talk about anyways). This is what I had heard from a racer on his n/a 93' 2.3.

    Marcello Canitano with SilverHorse racing has told me he uses stock elictronics on his 93' 2.3 Mustang he road races with. He had said " they all are good" refering to the stock elictronics. Which this car debuted this year and finishes 9-10 races and with 7 top 10 finishes.

    As for this pro I think he either got a little lost or is trying to mislead people.

    What 2.3 is he talking about, American or forign?

    Is it a n/a or a turbo 2.3 ?
    ( I know the 88' TC w/T-5 would do 190 hp , but not sure at the wheel )

    Or is he talking about the newer duratec's?
  17. Oooh, that explains it. Hey, I missed it too.... lol :shrug:
  18. I know I'm addicted to this stuff . I'm so bad I joined this so when turboford.org is slow I have this one to check out. Now I'm looking into another ford forum, but the really funny part is I have always been a chevy fan :lol: