I Think I Am A Genious!?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Stangfanatic98, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. I Think I Am A Genius!?

    Ok, I think I just figured out how to make a 'homemade ram-air'. I don't want anyone else to try becaues If my idea destroys my engine, I'd rather it be me than you. However, does anyone know if you purchase a 'ram air' kit online, is it just a scoop and hoses, or does it require different calibrations/meters/sensors? Also, What are some good and flexible tubes I could use that would not deteriorate under heat and whatnot? (just some ideas at least). :banana: :shrug: :flag: :D :shrug:
  2. Nice... I think I know what you might be trying. It probably will work. As far as good tubing, you can try A/C tubing (the metal tubing... not the ducting), etc. anything like that, that'll stand up to the elements. And I think when you purchase a 'Ram Air' kit online it's pretty much just tubes and a cone... etc.
  3. Homemade ramair kits usually look ghey. I saw a Toyota Echo at school with a clothes dryer duct sticking out under the bumper. :puke:

    I've also heard pretty good arguements about ram air being nothing more than a fancy cold air intake. Forced induction uses pressure, but without pressure your engine is not going to accept more air than it normally does.

    Even if ram air did work, flexible hose is too turbulent to be effective.

    I'm not a physics major, but all these points seem to make sense. :shrug:
  4. 1) It is impossible to see it unless you are underneath the car
    2) It's an experiment
    3) If the hose is mounted correctly, it doesn't flail
    4) I should hopefully know by tommorow
    5) I sure as hell aint using dryer ducting
    6) Intake angles and hose diameters all play vital roles also
    7) I never said this is going to work
  5. Go to Home Depot and get some PVC piping. It's by far and wide the best as far as dissipating heat. Aluminum's got nothin on PVC. It barely absorbs any at all, plus they will have all kinds of bends you will need for it too. Some dryer ducting could work too, but just try to use that for the bends if need be.
  6. P.S. True Ram Air doesn't occur until 400+ MPH. That's when it would actually create boost, however you will get the benefits of the colder air. Not to burst your bubble. At Home Depot you can make some pretty crazy stuff, keep an open mind to creative ideas. Good luck bro!
  7. im not sure about all that. i have a 5.0 mustang mag around here somewhere from when the 03 mach 1 came out stating that at around 70mph the mach was getting 3-4lbs of boost from the shaker hood scoop. not much but boost none the less
  8. That's not the issue I was bringing up. Flex hoses are usually corrogated. This is bad if you're trying to direct air through the hose at a high rate of speed. Do what Cooter says and use PVC.

    Might want to reconsider this. If it's under the car and still in an area that can get wind, it may be too low for bumps etc...
  9. I'll show you a picture of what I did, whether it works or not today. Its not LITERALLY under the car. I can only describe it with pictures. I'll try to post them later. Also, keep in mind that as speed doubles, drag quadruples. Stick your hand out of your car while doing 70-100mph. Don't tell me that is NOT air pressure.
    And if 'true ram air' doesnt occur until 400mph, what happens before then? Does air just casually float up the intake tube at 399mph? 200? 100? Also I even read about this yesterday morning that ribbed hosing only restricts airflow by about 0.21%. That is so menial it doesn't even matter.
    http://www.karlsnet.com/mopar/ramair.shtml --I skim read that so go ahead and knock yourselves out.
  10. Good read. :nice:

    ...Now on with the PICS!
  11. Hoses and more hoses.

    Stopped by a place the other day. It was a place that supplies hydraulic hoses and such, usually for oil field work. BUT, They had several sizes and colors of hoses for various applications. My favorite was the 3" Goodyear hose that had the yellow stripe on it that said "Goodyear Torridair Blower Hose" good to 400 degrees and 250 lbs of pressure.
    Bruce (TX)
  12. Thanks for the hose reccomendation..

    BUT IT MOTHER LOVING WORKED!!!!!!!! I can't take pics yet beacuse my pop took his digital camera, so I'll post them first thing tomorrow. It def. isn't like a supercharger or anything. But my needle never slows down as I accelerate all the way to 100+. I usually struggled to get to or above 100, but good gravy I can't believe it worked!!

    I used two air snorkels and AC ducting hose (3"). After my skillfull process of duct taping and exacto-knifing I fabbed it so that it would intake from the right front fog lamp cavity straight up into the stock air snorkle. Cost me 10 bucks. Definately added power on the top end. Best part is...YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE IT!!! :flag:

  13. Good call. :nice: What it do for your 60 - 100mph time? did it drop any time at all, ...anywhere, like 0-60 or whatever?
  14. It dropped my 0-60 by half a second or less, but a little peppier. 60-100 on a hot and humid day like this was still 100x better. This one road used to take me the entire length to get to 100 But i got to 100 3/4 of the way to the end of it.
  15. That's pretty sweet. So like maybe 5 extra HP or so... either way, that's still cool. and all you have is a K&N drop in right? did you remove the factory snorkle or keep it in?
  16. I have a K&N drop in yes. I put the snorkel back on for this 'ram-air' to work right.
  17. Congrads that it worked. Now pics are need :D
  18. I've also noticed it's alot easier to for my rpms to get up there, it doesn't always feel like I'm bogging or my engine has been running for hours on end and is nice and hot. It seems more 'free'...I don't know how else to explain it. If anyone has pushed their car while its cold, then tried to do the same when its hot...thats the difference I'm referring to. My 3rd gear has more getup as well.
  19. well all i got to say is, watch the puddles, i have a blower set up on mine, and my air filter is probably 8-12 inches off the ground, right behind where the fog light would be on a gt...and its bogged out a few times from sucking up water, so watch those buddles
  20. My air filter is still in the stock location. I angled my tube so that hopefully if it happens, the water wont have the velocity/ability to get all the way up into my stock airbox. But yeah, I will avoid those puddles. :nice:
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