I Think I Am A Genious!?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Stangfanatic98, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. And he d4efinitly made it look clean ;)
  2. Actually, a friend of mine has a similiar setup on his camero. I think that it didn't help. He would always tell me that it's for show.
  3. Just showing you a pic of the new tube I put on awhile ago..much cleaner and less bends.
  4. Watch the "Red Green Show" much? hehe Some PVC would be more work but will be a cleaner install IMO.
  5. Red [email protected]!1! That guy looks like my friends dad; I haven't seen that show in FOREVER
  6. That looks much better than the original piece. Feel anything different or is it about the same?
  7. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Homemade ramair kits usually look ghey. I saw a Toyota Echo at school with a clothes dryer duct sticking out under the bumper. :puke:

    I've also heard pretty good arguements about ram air being nothing more than a fancy cold air intake. Forced induction uses pressure, but without pressure your engine is not going to accept more air than it normally does.

    Even if ram air did work, flexible hose is too turbulent to be effective.

    I'm not a physics major, but all these points seem to make sense. :shrug:[/QUOTE]

    Now, I only read to like the 3rd post, but 66 is right. Unless the ram air could compress the air (which it can't at anywhere near legal speeds), the engine is still going to use the same amount of air. Essentially, the only advantages to Ram Air is the same as any CAI, get rid of turbulence with smoother piping and draw cooler air. Oh, and you can say,"I have Ram-Air," which actually sounds pretty cool. :D
  8. Time to get some custom "Ram Air" badges, Stangfanatic.

    "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." :rlaugh:
  9. [QUOTE='66 coupe]"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." :rlaugh:[/QUOTE]

    They call him the human power tool. ROFLMFAO!
  10. F ram air badges, I want two ford emblems put together like a mouth with teeth glued on, and then a honda emblem in the middle. :rlaugh:

    I don't have 'ram air'..I have a 'gorified' CAI that happens to work much better at higher speeds.. :rolleyes:

    I've always wondered about ram though, because I always hear about these classic car owners/trans am drivers that say it really works..I've been swayed to believe them but I just really wasn't sure until I tried it myself. I've figured out that my setup isn't 'true ram air', but it's a GUARANTEED "COLD" air intake. Even the heat absorbed by the metal from the sun/engine in the fender well, it still can't affect my intake charge as much. Yes, I sound ricey but at least I got some fresh air to my manifolds now..

    And just to clarify that I am not a fatkid with acne who watches anime all day, here's a pic of myself and I do have a woman at the moment and I need not say more.
  11. Hey, why'd you put up a picture of a fat kid with acne who was interupted to have his picture taken while he was watching anime?

    :D JK
  12. Shut up, you just made miss the best part...sighhh I guess I'll have to pop in some pokemon or yugioh dvds or something
  13. My entire problem with all your posts is because you won't accept the idea that maybe, just maybe myself and others know what we're talking about.
    I tried to be nice. Even though I'm skeptical, I said, "Glad it worked, but..."
    At the beginning of the thread I also asked if you were coming from a stock airbox, or an aftermarket intake, so I could prove that's were your gains came from. But you didn't even give me an answer. You just insisted on bragging about what an improvement this made to your car's getting to 100...blah blah blah.
    Instead of just quoting myself and those who have backed me up, why can't you just admit the fact that you could be(and are) wrong.

    Your home made "ram air" doesn't make you a ricer. It's your attitude. :nonono:
  14. So that's why other people had backed me up as well? And if I had an "attitude" for defending myself..just remeber who is driving the car. Funny thing is, I had both a stock airbox and an 'aftermarket intake'. And those gains? They weren't exaggerated. At least I didn't pull my air silencer off and say I could feel the car's output improve. I didn't even notice anything out of my K&N other than a mpg or 2. I'm not trying to blow smoke up my own ass to glorify myself. It's assanine morons like you that don't get big picture of me sharing my findings rather than boasting about much faster my car is. IT IS SLOW AS ****. Give me a break for God's sake. I guess I'm the only ricer on the planet that doesn't instigate racing, ride bumpers, speed/weave through traffic, slam other peoples cars, and then slap an intake, catback, and mismatched body kit on my car and call it fast. I guess your attitude makes you Uncle Ben then? :shrug:
  15. Funny how I'm being called a moron, yet it's you that is being flamed. :rolleyes:
    All I was doing was specualting. Excuse me if I don't believe someone on the internet that has no proof to backup their claims. But you had to go into ricer defense mode and start claiming that you were being flamed and then start up with the name calling. :shrug:
  16. :rlaugh: Doesn't make you any less of an assanine moron. I'm sure you have some kids to talk down to that makes you feel so empowered. Your comments are just great...keep them coming and you actually might boost your self esteem too! :nice: I'll just go enojy my new intake in the mean time.
  17. I would strongly advise against this with ANY type of water hazards. If it even thinks about raining you could be looking at a motor reuild. A guy on here a day or 2 ago lost his motor because he sucked up a little too much water pistons couldn't compress the water and imagine throwing a lot of water on VERY hot frying pan. It will warp just like your pistons. I mean that's great and all for your car, but don't do it for a daily driver unless you have a quick way to have the air intake up much higher.
  18. oh yeah, and Im sure you did feel a gain. I understand people know their cars. If I didn't think it would work I would keep it to myself and not try to just say anything. All the people that "flamed" I'm sure have never tried what u did. Good luck, have fun with it. And NO rain driving. Later all.

  19. No, but the fact that I'm not the one with a ****** rigged air intake does. :rlaugh:

    Ricers are funny.

    You should get some 93 octane at the pump next time, and maybe lose your backseat and spare. Then you'll really see the gains. :rlaugh:
  20. LMAO! Sounds like someone's a little upset.. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    I love you internet junkies..won't go down without a fight

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