I Think I Am A Genious!?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Stangfanatic98, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. Maybe you should just let this useless thread die already. I'd like to see this thread get :lock: so it can just fall to the anals of stangnet. It's not like anyone will pull it up anyways. Who the hell would do a search for homemade ram air?

    You call me a moron, but I've probably helped out more people through this forum than you ever will. So far the majority of your posts are claims of some crappy looking tube shaving a full second off your 0-60. I believe this is V6 Tech, not V6 BULL****.

    Wow...just looked at your age. Why is it that most ricers are teenagers? Once you get more experience with cars you'll realize how stupid you are being for arguing that ram air actually exists. Then you'll realize how stupid you are for trying to blow smoke up our asses about your "peformance gains."
    But if your attitude doesn't change, you won't learn anything; you already think you know it all.

    I've seen several ignorant teenagers like you come and go in a matter of months. I'm only 20, and I've been posting since I was 15, but wow, I never acted as stupid as you are. Maybe the classic guys have higher expectations than all these V6ers. :shrug:
    So that's all I have to say and I'm through with this thread. Like I said, it needs to die. But I'm sure I'll see your ignorant posts in some other thread. :nonono: Maybe if you show some willingness to learn, I'll cut you some slack.
  2. ever notice how the biggest "armchair quarterbacks" always fight the hardest. its only the internet. if you don't like what they are saying, go somewhere else.

    he might not of gained a whole second, but I an sure he got some gain. and for the $10 or whatever, where are ou going to get a seat of the pants feel difference for $10? even if I am wrong and it only 'feels' faster he still got a hellova lot of enjoyment out of his $10 mod so just leave him alone.

    you have to take everyones word with a grain of salt. and you have to try everything yourself and actually SEE for yourself. once again, this is only the internet and just becouse someone has a huge post count and claims to have an 8second street car doesn't automatically mean that they will know what is best for YOUR INDIVIDUAL car.

    no you go take your haterade juice and go somewhere else
  3. 1) '66 is very intelligent if you read through his posts, he doesn't bullshxt, and is generally a helpful person, stangfanatic - you strike me as the stereotypical teenager, I guess you opted for the mustang instead of that uber srt4!%@! LOLZ!!.. anyway.

    2) You guys arguement has gotten kind of silly, it went from a respectable disagreement to stupid the minute the name calling started, so - just let it die

  4. okay... so i did some more research... ram air is non-existant... (unless your balls to the walls drag racing)
    ONLY overglorified CAI... and taping a long piece of ducting on the end of your stock airbox silencer... :rlaugh: won't do ****...
    lose the ducting... remove the silencer and throw a K&N in the stock airbox... you'll be doing more with less... granted, there will be little to no gain... but at least it isn't Ghetto!

    someone please kill this thread already! :nice:
  5. Funny thing how you keep saying you want the thread to die, but keep posting.

    BTW, there already is a K&N installed and my 'cai' does work. And another pointer...removing the silencer has been dyno tested on v6s as gaining anywhere from -5 to 0hp. I'll let you figure out why for yourselves since you're all so smart. :rlaugh: And just because your intake sounds 'louder' doesn't necessarily mean its sucking more. There's a reason why the stock inlet is shaped like it is..

    If you all are dying to have this thread die so much, have a moderator lock it for god's sake.
  6. And on a closing note, at this point I am not insulting 66's intelligence so I apologize for that **** (refer to pm). I'm sure he knows alot more about autos than I do at this point. I WILL figure out a way to prove this 'setup's' effectiveness over stock somehow. Now that I've had a chance to revist this insanity after my long fishing trip I realized how stupid the posts had become...not over the existence of 'ram air' but more on the lines of miscommunication. And I'm not driving a car with a turboed POS engine. I'm not a stereotypical teenager because I at least have the balls to swallow my pride (after how long?..). I've had 1 car and 0 points on my license and never been pulled over once for any reason..and no accidents either. Nor do I have the urge to be that 'first person off the line' at every stoplight to make me feel faster than the soccer mom/wigger next to me. And if I get flamed for THIS reply..well the v6 forums have definately become bile.
  7. quite simple

    go to the track.

    do one run without the ram air, and then do one run with

    that should prove it all
  8. No need to figure it out... it IS more effective than stock. Because it is open to ambient temps, it is drawing in cooler air and therefore better than stock. Also, despite the air having to travel further, the lack of 90* turns as opposed to a fenderwell is helpful. The final point is, however, that while it is more effective than stock, it is not more effective because of "Ram-Air," but merely because of the cooler temps. Think of it this way... say you hold a jar out the window of your car @ 50mph, the jar is already full of air and the wind blowing on it will not compress more molecules of air INTO the jar. In fact, because the jar is already full of air and it is much easier for the air to just go around... that's precisely what it will do... go around and your engine will use the same amount of air it always has. In fact, your engine will ALWAYS use the same VOLUME of air (3.8L / Stroke). The only way for your engine to use more MASS of air is to COMPRESS the air and make the air more DENSE... something that a turbo or supercharger can do, but NOT a Leaf Blower or "Ram Air" effectively cannot.

    So, good luck w/ the new setup... it IS theoretically better than stock and IS theoretically better than a K&N and removed silencer, but when it starts to rain, I'll be happy I've got a BBK. :D

    Good Luck everyone, and may this thread now Rest In Peace.
  9. Damn this thread is still going? I keep seeing it show up at the top of the V6 forums. WTF?
  10. stick a fork in it, this thread is done
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