I think I found a good deal....

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by allcarfan, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. 65 coupe....good body...local

    Built 289,

    512 lift cam
    ported/polished heads with 202/169 valves
    rebuilt bottom end - cant remember rest of details

    Built c4 with B&M converter and shift kit

    9" rear with 3.50 trac lock

    new interior

    factory front disc brakes

    low mileage on all the drivetrain...

    GA car

    $3500 obo

    Good deal? I was thinking of buying it and putting it on ebay for $5k


  2. Need more info, my gut says you will likely get hosed.
    Check the wheels make sure it has 5 lugs. Run a magnet over wheel wells, pull back the carpet and be suspicious of fresh paint. Note the vin from the fender apron take it for a GOOD LONG test drive, make sure it isn't warmed up already when you get there, find some potholes and hit them 'accidentally'. And most importantly check the reciepts for all the motor and tranny work.....I bought a 'built car' once.....long story short....it wasn't...but it is now ;)
  3. You did not mention the magic work - RUST! If that is not a big problem, then it sounds like an excellent deal. The engine is a little radical for my taste but there may be a market for a restomoded project car. However, I've never had any luck with buying things to resell on ehay. Maybe it's just me.
  4. To me it doesn't matter what the engine is all about because that can always be replaced if it goes or if you want more go.

    Now if the body is going down hill fast it's going to take a lot more work to bring that back to life.
  5. Oh, I know. I have not seen the car yet. Im probably going to look at it this weekend. A guy in our club is selling it.

    If the cowl and floor pans are rusted, I can easily replace those and give it a decent paint job.

    Im going to try and see if he will trade me that 9" for my rebuilt 8" plus some cashola.
  6. If I were to buy a car off ebay, it would definitely concern me if the seller had not been a long time owner with documentation/receipts. If you can buy it for $3500, that's probably all it's worth.
  7. Good point.