i think i have a clutch issue....

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by texmirage, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. drive on the highway yesterday. when I excited the free way it started squilling like a slippinng belt.
    when I put in the clutch its louder
    the clucth feel super soft now.
    it looked like was smoking brom the bell housing when I got home.
    smelled like it to

    but the clutch is NOT slipping still pulles when I floor it.

    I'll "WISHING" i might be a stretched cable. but with my luck it probably wont be
  2. I had a throwout bearing do that once:notnice:
  3. I just poked around a bit this morning.
    I took the cover off where the cable attaches to trans. I can remove the cable by hand. (alot of play). But I think its because the pressure plate is not pressing back som how. so it looks like i'm going to have to pull a trans for the first time. :notnice:

    so i'll be having a beer and pizza meet and greet sat. lol. jk.
  4. Its not too bad,i would recommend some sort of shop manual and take your time,dont rush and get aggrevated(ask me how i know).
  5. I know its not that bad. and i'll def. be taking my time. I have a manny too :)
  6. Any truth to it being easier to remove the trans from the bell housing first? then take it off after that? ( I read a few posts that suggested this)
  7. I think it's a lot easier to take the transmission off first. It really isn't that hard of a job.

  8. cool thanks but every tip helps :) especially by yourself.
  9. well... 1 man, about 3 hours out and in for me. first time attempt. that includes a 30m trip to the get the TOB. so not to bad I don't think. But I THINK I took the exhaust for nothing though.... not sure though.

    Complete.... runs fine :) It even sounds better( yeah I know that has nothing to so with the sound) I was just happey not to hear all the squilling hahaha