i think i have found it...

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  1. Crovax.... is this where your avitar came from?
    [​IMG] ?
  2. My current avatar?
  3. LOL YES! its almost as freaky, no? do u know this person?;)
  4. That's his other car, I've driven it. I prefer to ride on top though and wave to the crowd.
  5. im not sure but is that a Volvo? :shrug:
  6. I think it's a mid eighties GM type car.

    And Crovax's avatar is a bunch of album covers and stuff like that.
  7. Freaky?
  8. James Brown!

  9. Hey mr_woodster

    The real question is what were you doing on the internet when you found that pic?
  10. i guess i miss typed crow's webpage address :p
  11. WOOOPS double post!
  12. WTF! People look at my site?