I think Im gonna cry...

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  1. well it doesnt look that bad, i could fix it in 30 mins with some stock replacment parts! I guess having a cowl that large is nice, you can work on your motor and never open the hood! :rolleyes:
  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!and look at the # of bid's he's getting!
  3. Someone is going to car H-E-double hockey sticks for that one....:mad:
  4. what a dumba$$ :fuss: :chair: :stick: :nonono:
  5. My understanding is that he hacked this SVO because of the stock performance suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes...but then he put in a 9" rear and new axles...so did this guy chop up an origianl svo simply for the yellow koni's???

    He took the original car, and put a new front clip on (nose and hood), and rear valance to make it the 87 up body style, then added the gt ground effects.He could have bought an 87 gt shell or a 4 banger and added the ground effects. There are so many other options!! Instead he said "Why not go find a limited production car and hack it all to hell?". Some people just dont understand........
  6. Thats what I'm saying, hell you can find GTs a dime a dozen now days.This guy should stop watching to much T.V, if all your doing is completely changing everything on the car to look like a later model "Fox" than you wasted time and money in my book. (Not to mention destroyed a classic car :bang: ).
  7. This is the kind of genetic inbred Chevy owning driver that would buy a SVO and hack it up just to piss off a Mustang owner. Maybe we should go hack up a Yenko Camaro or a COPO Camaro?
  8. IT WAS AN SVO!? awe poopy! i missed that one, it being a "svo" originally...im apauled! :notnice: :mad: ignorace sometimes destroyes the good that is in this world...:nonono:
  9. Words cannot describe the sorrow I felt after clicking that link...the tears fell from my eyes and the screams rang like thunder... The next Chevy owner I see...is getting shot. Ruining a 19 yr. old's dream. YOU GOIN DOWN. :fuss: :uzi: CHEVY

  10. (I *heart* your signature, Toadstang. :D )
  11. VIN: 1FABP28T9EF102969
    Year/Make/Model: 1984 FORD MUSTANG SVO
    Body Style: Runabout 3 DR
    Engine Type: 2.3L L4 TURBO/IC EFI
    Manufactured In: UNITED STATES
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  12. I refuse to give any details at this time........EVERYBODY Hear me when I say this.....There is a 1969 something coming out of my garage and its not a V8(anymore) and its not Ford powered...(originally) But it sure will piss off every Die hard chevy owner not to mention outrun most of them.
  13. [point out blatantly obvious]A 1969 Camaro with a 2.3T?[/point out blatantly obvious]
  14. :lol:LMAO, I was thinking the EXACT smae thing when I read his post :lol:
  15. I am pretty sure that is what it is. I mean it didn't take but a fraction of a second to figure that one out.
  16. That is a sad sad mess of crap.

    351- If you area is like ours, The former 5.0 ford 71 Camaro Was a smash hit around here.
    So Much so my friend smashed it into a pole goofing around :rolleyes:
    But it really did piss a heck of a lot of people off around here!