"I think we need a bigger boat", or trunk.

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  1. So I got this new amp from JL. It's a little tight. I haven't hooked it up yet but not sure if this is going to work. I mean the lid will close but not much clearance.

  2. make a lower profile box that is longer from left to right so it will all fit in there nicely
  3. Is that a 7-Up edition 5.0? :eek: That was my first Mustang. Good times.
  4. No 7up, just a Kylipso Green one repainted to a better color. :nice:

  5. This is a self contained unit so can't adjust it. I was thinking of flipping the spare tire over and setting it in that.

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  6. the speaker will come out of that box it was put in it so it can come out. build a custom box so that it looks clean and not like its just thrown in there. but hey just my $0.02