I took your guys advice and got rid of the wire loom

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waiting for the next hack atta
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Nov 22, 2001
Motor City
Wow....7th thread made by you on the front page. :nonono:

You need to make something call a PROGRESS THREAD.

A progress thread is where you make one thread, and add photos as you go along so people can see your progess.


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Dec 15, 2008
sorry I should of did that all along if I could edit my thread name I would start it now but It wont let me,


Jan 25, 2009
well my next mods for you would be to get some money together buy the stock body parts and sell the black widow kit. nice attempt on the car but they just dont look right. some good idea's on body mods though would be to get a mach 1 chin spoiler, delete the rear wing (me personally like the rear wing deletes), or keep it and do a look alike if you you dont like the stock gt look (cobra,saleen, rousch). then there are other things like paints. i have seen several cars out there with very minimal body mods that look absolutely stunning. one was a silver 00' gt with the chin spoiler with the spoiler delete and a black tail light panel, 18' saleens on it and silver paint with nice tint. its not about how much money you put into the mods or about doing big body kits or anything like that. a good clean car that flows very well will get you noticed more than anything else. your wheels have to flow with the style of your car hence saleens on an 03/04 cobra just aint right in my opinion. one of the best wheel choices they have come out with are the FR500's and they are constantly coming out with new colors and combo's with them. and the colors have to accent each other in a positive manner. so something with a blue paint job and lime green vinyls aint good.

just tryin to help


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Jul 22, 2002
Body kit looks good but those Torque Thrusts arent doing it for me visually. A set of nice 5 spokes would look better