I wanna **** about the new format, where is the canadian flag??

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  1. It isnt in the smilie list anymore and im a little distraught about this boys :(

    it must be in the system cause it still appears in my signature. is this just one of the glitches ya'll are working on or has the canadian public been bent over with no curtasy lube again??? :mad:

    :flag: <---------- :shrug: :notnice: :bs:

  2. :canflag:

    just type in the code....it worked for me!

  3. whats the code tho???
    too much work, it should be just as accessible as the yank flag :bs:
  4. The code is...
    : can flag :
    with out the spaces tho'
    Now quit yer ****in' and go to Australia already! I'm waiting to hear tales of the GBM and the Kangaroos and Koalas, etc.........
  5. i thought canada just decided to switch over to the american flag :shrug:
  6. Not yet....they're waiting for us to grant them statehood.....:D

  7. Who's canada :shrug:
  8. Just the French Quarter of northern New York :lol:

    Or maybe northern Michigan.....I know Windsor is just a suburb of Detroit. :D

    Still Dreamin'
  9. :xcanflag: minus the x.

    EDIT: Oops. Boy am I late. :doh:

  10. Eastern Alaska

    Besides, I thought Can-of-duh just switched to this flag :bs:
  11. Now how are we going to understand him???

    Just when we get to the point that we can read his posts in canadian-gingerbreadman-english without :scratch:, the GBM is going to go visit Australia......next thing you know he'll be writing his posts in canadian-gingerbreadman-aussie-english!!! :nonono:
  12. Well the :canflag: might be gone, but at least we still have this worthless smile :spot:
  13. Canada, heck if it had not been so cold and the boys had not gotten a little lazy, it would be the 51st State.