I Want Meth!

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  1. Ok I've decided to add some meth to my setup. I'm running high boost on 91.....but I'm attributing the cold air for the detonation suppression. Once spring rolls around, it is gonna get HOT! I want the lower IAC's and 116 oct of the meth.

    I need recommendations on a kit. I've been looking at both Devils Own and Snow. Devil's looks like they're good quality and is cheaper than snow. What is a "must have" component of a meth kit? Is boost-controlled or MAF controlled preferred? Any and all input is appreciated :D
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  2. I plan on a Snow Kit. Boost controlled, low fluid/clogged line sensor, 2.5 gallon reservoir, and the safe injection module for added safety. :nice:
  3. Alky Control>all others
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  4. Damn those guy are pricey. I was quoted $690 for a kit :crazy:
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  5. I have a snow kit on my car, and i'm less than impressed. The safeinjection module already broke once. and the pump went out not long after I installed the kit. I have the solenoid that is supposed to reduce boost when the safeinjection module senses a problem. When it kicks on I cannot notice any reduction in boost. But i also have a light wired to it in the car, so i just keep an eye on it. Honestly by the time I bought the stage 2 kit and the safeinjection and the boost reduction solenoid, I could have come close to the alky kit. live and learn.
  6. Oh geeez, now that changes things....
  7. Yea, they end up costing close to the same with all the specialty pieces, which in my opinion are necessary. That's the first bad thing I've heard about snow performance.
  8. It was on my C6. Two M15 nozzles set to come on at 5psi. Didn't use a drop for a 700 mile road trip one time. Probably 25-30% of my fuel at WOT and 850rwhp was from meth. Even had it set the same for my 850+ plus nitrous tune. I ran the tank dry twice while racing for a couple hours doing street pulls. Speed density tune pulled all the timing from the tune and added fuel. Didn't hurt the motor at all. Good parts, great fueling and a great tune are key.
  9. Before I start reading up on it, would you suggest it for a blower, carb, setup? Thanks!
  10. Has anyone heard of CoolingMist? Their kits look amazing.


    Real time auto-learn failsafe controller
    Gauge that displays vacuum, boost, and system duty cycle, also in real time
    System can run on vacuum/boost pressure OR MAF voltage
    Failsafe module monitors:
    -air in the line
    -hose disconnect
    -injector clog
    -filter clog
    -pump failure
    -solenoid failure
    -pump turning on when it should not
    -wiring problems
    -low fluid level
    -over flow situations and more

    Its pricey but basically ensures that any component failure will not cause a problem.
  11. Alcohol Injection Systems. http://alcoholinjectionsystems.com/ Top-notch quality stuff there. I've been running my system for several years now with exactly 0 issues. Lots of Thunderbird guys in the area running them, too. The only add-on that I'd seriously consider is the dual nozzles. I actually have 3 now, haha.

    I would use a boost controlled system for simplicity's sake. Being you have a centri blower, I'd strongly consider a progressive controller.

    If the car is tuned properly, there is no need for all of the 'safety' stuff. Unless you have some sort of aftermarket ignition system or standalone ECU, those safety boxes can't actually do anything to change the tune to make it safer anyway.

    You can get a low-level sensor if you like, but I look at it as one more place in the tank that might leak.

    I would strongly recommend against using methanol injection as the actual fuel unless you have a standalone ECU that can add fuel in the event of a failure. If you lean out the tune for the methanol injection, and then have a problem with the meth system, your OEM ECU has no way of knowing this, will go very lean, and the motor will likely go pop. The only safe way to tune for methanol on a stock computer is to set the air/fuel ratio with NO methanol. DO NOT TOUCH this again. Then, get the spark timing correct with no methanol also. Now, turn the meth on, observe the drop in air charge temps, and ramp in timing accordingly. Don't be afraid to spray a lot of water/meth to cool it down(I spray 17 gallons/hour of 70/30 water/meth). When done correctly, this will make power, and will be 100% safe (remember the AFR and timing that was set before turning the meth on?). You are taking advantage of the detonation resistance properties of methanol by doing this, although not all of it. That's the trade off here: you could lean it out and make a bit more horsepower, but that's very risky and not something I'd do on any stock ECU car.

    If you want the full benefits of a higher octane fuel, switch over to E85.
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  12. So what you are saying there is no need to tune for meth on a mostly stock car, I'm also considering meth for cooling properties. Keep us posted about your meth setup, Sneaky. Meth is a world not delved in often.
  13. Lots of great info! Thanks Sneaky. My main goal with meth is detonation suppression.
  14. After a LOT of research, the list is narrowed down to AIS, Alky, and Snow. Those 3 had, by far, the best reviews. Right now Im leaning towards the Snow Stage 3 MPG MAX kit with the Boost Cooler and SafeInjection module. I really love the heads-up display Boost Cooler that displays boost pressure, injector duty cycle, and meth injection percentage in real time so I can keep an eye on things. I also like the SafeInjection module which will vent boost in case of a failure. The MPG MAX kit also increases fuel economy....which is never a bad thing.

    Also, what mix are you guys spraying? Im seeing a lot of people running simple -20 windshield washer fluid with great results.

    Im just worried about the hot Texas heat, high boost, and :poo:ty 91 that we have here. We also don't have any E85 lol! The last thing I need is to grenade this pretty (and expensive) new motor haha

    @sneaky98gt , @Winters98GT
  15. It is a MUST on any non-intercooled FI setup or, like in my case, have only crappy fuel available. Some of the figures that I've read from people as far as usage goes (depending on tank size) is 1 gallon meth for every 1 full tank of gas. Also, simple -20 windshield wiper fluid is commonly used so all that makes running meth pretty damn cheap (a HELL of a lot cheaper than $15/gal race gas).
  16. I only recommend the AIS kits, been using them for years now and not a single issue.

    I only recommend progressive controllers on laggy setups, large turbos, etc...
  17. I have read up on both systems at this point and am wondering which kit is better? Or more preferred. Snow or Alky Control
  18. you do u know you can use straight water too if your only going after the cooler aircharge
  19. The higher octane of meth also helps with detonation