I want to put power window and lock in a GTS

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by yellow86, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I dont know every much about SN95, i have own foxs all my life. anyways iam going to buying a 95 GTS in the next couple days but i dont like the idea of not have power windows so i want to put all the power opions in... what all is involved in doing this? are there any sites that would guide me though. In my head it seems pretty basic but I would like to get some advice before diving into it! thanks alot guys

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  2. you pretty much need everything from a wrecked stang with power windows.

    buy a GT... not worth the trouble and you'll be faster without power windows
  3. well i cannt pass up this deal thats why iam buying it! T56, 13 baer brakes, 17x9 original cobra r's, aluminum driveshaft and bunch of other stuff for 7500 Canadian!
  4. keep the windows.... are you going to race it? better to be lighters.

    if not, you need the whole door panel and insides from a wrecked V6 mustang and then you will have to mess with install. some of that stuff just never fits correctly after you take it appart once.:( you will need the wiring diagram and have to wire it to power and wire the driver side door around to the passenger side door if you want it to work....
  5. all the wires and everything should allready be in your car so you could probably switch out the whole door or buy an aftermarket power window kit... forgot who made them
  6. easiest thing to do would be just hanging new doors
  7. :nonono: Add more options to a GTS :nonono:

    LOL to each his own man, good luck.