1. I think im ready to have twins. Ive thought this out night after night. I mean, who wouldnt want 2 whinning bundles of joy at the tip of their fingers? I've already discussed this with my fiance (or however the hell you spell it) and she just looksed at me and smiled. Then she told me how much trouble they would be for me. I looked at her and smiled back and said "its nothing really I cant handle, ive dealt with worse" She smiled back and said "whenever youre ready."

    So she gave me the OK guys, and I think im going to go for it. Thinking about it, and 1 just isnt enough for me, so im going for twins.

    I hope you realize, I am talking about turbos..
  2. I read in a number of places that 1 can easily equal, or even surpass, the power output of 2. I also recently saw on here, I forget who said it, that 2 are really much better if you have a V6 or V8 or 10. I guess for one to feed each row of cylinders.
  3. I think twin turbos are kinda pointless on a four cylinder, but it's your money...
  4. unless your talking about buying a seccond car, with a twin turbo setup, you'd only have 2 cylinders feeding into each turbo. Providing you can find a turbo small enough, i think that it still might be pointless. not to mention you will prolly have to cut out the inner fenderwell just to get them to fit.
  5. not such a waste if they are sequential, one optimized for low end power the other for high
  6. thats sounds like a good idea. But that would require some intuitive computer programming, and wouldnt that mean theyd have to be electronically controlled, or something has to be done to give them the feel of a supercharger. I mean, thatd be cool, if I could get one to start spooling up as soon as I pressed the gas and then both of them leveling when it gets to the normal RPM where they spool.

    and i would build a header that fed them both at the same time. Like a 4-2 set up.
  7. i doubt it would work or see any noticable power improvment. More or less you'd have to rev the piss out of that motor with twins on it to see any power. but hey its your money. in my opinion one really large on with a good head would be the best way to go
  8. There's a reason the Supra guys ditch the twins for a big single.

  9. But I always thought a twin turbo set up for anything was ok. But Is this the point being made, Twin set ups are for V shapped motors (i.e. V8 etc...)?

    But see, what I want to do, it like.. get an instant boost of power as soon as I mash the gas. Pretty much something to eliminate turbo lag. Because ive been thinking, isnt it, the faster you can get air into and exhaust out of the engine, the more power you make, and the faster you rev? Im working on a prototype muffler with a turbine blade in it, that will suck the exhaust gasses out of the engine faster. I think with a turbo set up, this would help cut down or if not, eliminate lag.
  10. You hit it on the head.
  11. Ive been thinking about how I could make this work but ive been stumpted till now I think I know how I can make it work just have to think on it a bit.
  12. I thought you meant the Olsens...
  13. Well, you have a 3% or 1 in 33 chance of having twins...If you want to increase those chance try In Vitro because it's common to have more than one "turbo"(some new slang for babies?).
  14. Thats why people swap out the 4cyl for a v8, and thats why people with v8's bolt on a positive displacement supercharger. Theres always gonna be lag with a turbo setup, and with a 4cyl i dont belive your ever going to have a very flat Tq curve.
  15. Maybe if they'd eat a damn cheeseburger once in a while...myself, I'd go more for the Bernaola twins. Google 'em. :D

  16. ^^^They look pretty good, too bad there's only about 8 pictures and they're all real small. ... here's my desktop ...
  17. You, my friend, have some learning to do.
  18. This job looks like the same skill level as a volvo head swap . Lots of work and money.
  19. were you talking about me? I know I have some learning to do, thats why I ask questions.

    Well since you said there will always be lag, I can disagree. I think, if a turbocharger was electronically controlled, you could get it to spool up as soon as the gas is pressed. Or if not, I think it would somehow be possible to have a supercharged, turbo application. I mean, I know some of this may not be possible, but its just some ideas of mine.

    I mean, have the supercharger bolted up like it would normally go, then have the turbo drawing its air from the intercooler, im just throwing out ideas. Not trying to sound stupid or nothign, but yea.
  20. that head swap is something I definitly want to do. I just need to find me one.