1. An idea that i have heard tossed around was to run a turbo into a supercharger. The thing about this that i've heard debated is that the boost of the two units some how mathematically combines beyond what either can do alone. (not shure if addition or multiplies) At one point i heard a setup like this was being employed on trucks of some sort, but that was awhile ago. Correct me if i'm wrong, but that's how i remember it.

  2. Did you not notice who he quoted when he said that? :scratch:

    Anyway, I think twin turbos would only work if they were small ones as people said. My brother had this crazy idea to put twin turbos on his '89 240SX, using the factory turbos from I believe a 300ZX (they're really small turbos... .48/.46's or something like that) on a swapped in KA24DE, and he had everything to do it but he ran into so many problems just getting the original engine to run (which blew up) that he never even started the turbo setup. I was a little curious how it would work, because he had a weld-up log manifold kit that he was just gonna have two turbo flanges welded to. I'm figuring you'd proabbly run into some airflow problems where more of the exhaust went to one turbo than the other, but who knows.
  3. True i dont have much experiance with turbos. I know that you can get a smaller turbo to spool faster, but i was under the impression that the Dyno curves of turbo motors in general were shaped like a centrifigul supercharger. Making peak Tq and Hp at higher RPMs. :scratch: am i wrong?
  4. My SVO hits full boost around 2100-2300, It makes full HP and TQ at around 3900-4100 maybe little higher been awhile since i drove it. As for lag almost non exsistant.

    As for the twin setup on a four cylinder there isn't enough exhaust air flow to run twins. I could see if they where small .46 A/R or so, but still not enough air flow. I6/V6/V8 are the only engines i've ever seen that run a twin setup. It would be a great waste of money then to use a larger single turbo