I Was Owned By Ls1

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by JJ88GT, May 25, 2005.

  1. I run low 13.'s in the quarter with minor bolt ons and gears so when this ls1 revved at me i thought i could give him a run or atleast hang yeah right we blocked traffic and staged we launched an then there was a ls1 blur that went by me he was gone there wasnt even a race anymore my pride his hurt and now im going all out all new everything ive got 8g's to spend and i want a ls1 eater i do care about some drivability but i can put up with a big cam and so on :owned: :( :damnit:

    Do you guys have any suggestions for a solid 425 hp to the wheels or is that going to be enough all proven combos please come in.
  2. blower and nitrous. :)
  3. amen :nice:
  4. Get a 393 with a two hundred shot and he will never know what passed him. On my next rebuild that is exactly what I am going to do.
  5. Whats the exact combo now, and the exact times from the track. Will help us get a better idea what you need to do. You might just need traction, or maybe a bunch more power. 425 is HCI and a SC running low boost, but you need the supporting mods, some you might have, some you might not!
  6. LS1's with literally just gears are fatal to most stangs, dont sweat it get some sort of boost and/or more cubic inches and you will be fine.
  7. Get a turbo :nice:
  8. My mods now are gt40 heads and intake ud pullies 70mm tb 76 mas stock cam and bottom end 3.73 gears upper&lower lca's timing set at 14* cai bbk shorties and bbk off road h spintech mufflers with full exhaust. I was thinking of going trickflow track heat kit on a 331 shortblock with a s trim sc and a 125 shot of nos just in case its close and all the other supporting goodies ie fuel mas tb and a good dyno tune
  9. No matter what you do to your car there will always be someone out there that will absolutely smoke you....that's just the way it is :( So if you're gonna spend 8 g's everytime someone beats you in a race, you'll be forever spending money, lol.:D......but hey, that's what owning a mustang is all about, more money, more go-fast parts! :D
  10. i agree, let it go. when im feeling down i look at the percentage of cars on the road that can beat me, next to the percent of cars I can beat... its cheered me up enough to keep my car so far.
  11. as my dad always says.... there is always gonna be someone in faster. just suck it up and buy 460 lol
  12. This is the dumbest damn thread I've read in TECH in quite some time. My boy put the "8g's" in a money market, on a house, or on your education..you may need it down the road for more than beating a damn car in a street race.
  13. :flag:
  14. hey dman i own my own home and my own business dont tell me where to put my money my stang is the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes all im asking fo is hp power combos that are proven for 425 horsepower thats it
  15. Congtats to you...GOOD LUCK :)
  16. To me if you are smart enough to own a home and a business...you should know that a car w/ YOUR mods would of got owned. You tried. Get more cubes, and you dont have to spend 8 grand to beat a LSI.
  17. In other words, invest wisely! Id do HEI and a blower/nitrous. Easy low 12s with the right stuff, just right for pounding on LS1s doors.

  18. definetly do a turbo, on that 331, there is a company that will sell everything you need from start to finish for 4500 bucks.
  19. I agree bro, there are more important things. However I'd just bolt an S-trim or spray your current combo. And go from there. :cheers: