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  1. Very nice. I don't know the specifics of the cam, but if it's one of ed's more aggressive ones, you'll have no problem knocking down the 11 second barrier.

    I understand your criticism and your argument makes a lot of sense.

    You say you already know about these "stock" cars, but just in case. Read the regs - they're pretty enlightening: http://www.nmraracing.com/rules/factory_stock/default.htm

    There are so many little things that add up to make more power. Now, I don't know exactly how 25th made his power, but little tricks all add up. 25th has said that he runs unported heads, but are they milled? According to the rules, the chamber volume need only be 52ccs - this increases compression. Dynoing with lighter wheels and tires will show an improvement, roller rockers are going to gain a few ponies over the stamped ones in the cobra, how much timing do stock Cobras run? A head with an efficient combustion chamber can run higher timing. His headers are going to pick up nicely over the stock "shortie" headers. Stock 5.0 HO cams are more aggressive than the Cobra Cams were. Stock Cobras still run the silencers. Let's also not forget that the induction tract on the stock 93 cobras is restricted by a both a limiting TB and MAF. I think his combo had better be stronger than a 93 cobra or he's not going to be competitive. I'm no expert, but these are some of the things I'd be doing :).

    Interesting. I had an 89 hatch with 2.73s that ran 14.2s stock with 130,000 miles. The only changes made over the course of its lifetime were swapping the rusted out mufflers for glasspacks, Radial T/As, and replacing the paper air filter with a K&N. Factory timing, still had the air silencer, etc...

    I've known Mike for a long time. Not sure if that's exactly his times, but close enough. It's just not fair to compare this sort of time with 25th, though. The biggest problem with the comparison is that while 25th is nailing 1.6 60's, Mike was not nailing the 60's (sorry mike...TFS heads'll do that to you :p )

    Hey, you don't have to tell me. I had GT40X heads with a cobra intake, and a comp shelf cam that only made 270rwhp and 310rwtq. I still find no need to question the reality of 25th's claims.

  2. Well you haven't really said much but I can give you these four and then a couple reminders........

    Yes for this car.
    Hey , now you have one fact and one opinion correct.:jaw:

    If you were paying attention you would have noticed I already stated this fact.:nono:

    If you make up a name for it on your own because you have no idea what it actually is, you must either be a genious or a complete idiot. Well I think you've already proven your not a genious. :lol: Vegatables have nothing to do with it.

    Nice try, stupid and no save, but I appreciate the effort. :lol:

    Cliff :)
  3. wow everyone quit being douchebags. god damn. ok hows this sound? dart 331, eddy performer rpm, custom cam, afr 205s, vortech making 14psi?? hmm....and $3000 suspension package.
  4. I don't care what anybody thinks of this combo, just keep posting so we can see your avitar more. :nice:
  5. i'm going to change my heads to 185s
  6. i havent read much of this thread but a turbo stroked 5.0 would make some serious power....
  7. As entertaining as this thread is I'm still getting usefull info...how do you do this, I can't even post a picture :shrug: . Does resolution have anything to do with it :shrug: ? Sorry I'm just a stupid newb at forums.
  8. First I have a great deal of respect for 25th and the times he has achieved, obviously a hell of a driver. My observation is this, having done minor porting on my old set of stock heads, if he went with 1.84 valves and valve job then he must also blend the bowls, is this not porting? And while he was there, shurly he reworked the short side radius(its brutal right from the factory), is this not porting also? Any of this adds volume above the valve, even if the runner is untouched, this will enhance the flow numbers. The stock short block is easily capable of 272RWHP, and he has adressed intake track restriction, this leaves that cam....How was it degreed? is it a tricky small base circle regrind with factoy lift/duration but ramps the valve open faster? I don't know but its a great combo one way or the other, and good job at that. :nice:

    Sorry for spelling i'm at work, not supposed to be on the net... :shrug:
  9. what you've described makes a lot of sense...BUT with all that done...how can you say the heads are stock like he's claiming...:shrug: ...? THEY ARE NOT...There is a reason why factory stock racers spend thousands of dollars on a valve job...etc...BTW: the suppossedly "stock" cams are also far from stock...MY point is that if I slap a set of stock E7TE heads with GT-40 valves...and a GT-40 style intake...I will not be running 12's...that's for sure...I don't know what it is with some of the Mustang owners...everybody claims to be stock...with an E-cam...lol
  10. I spelled it out for you Highbred, the car has what I listed, there is no smog and no AC, if you dont believe it, dont, I could care less. Again I feel complimented when others dont believe my car, makes me realize Im building it right. The valves were installed, there was some bowl work, and a 3 angle valve job, the heads are not milled, and the ports, both intake and exhaust (yes even the exhaust bump) remain untouched. I call them stock heads, as they are stock E7 castings. I told you what I have done to it, and there are even people out there with similar heads going as fast. I cant make an AFR/FTI car go faster. as I dont own one.

    I run what I run, and make the power I make, on these heads, which will most likely be milled and ported in the near future, once I adress the suspension, and gears! I can only imagine going low 12s, and what I would have to deal with from those jeleous people with slower cars!
  11. You didn't think, highbred, that he just slapped on a set of GT40 valves without doing to machining to fit the valves did you?
  12. everything youve said so far in this thread has been stupid, and has made you look stupider. why dont you try coming back with facts to make the other guy look stupid....instead of making up little statements and making yourself look like an ass? I cant wait to see what kind of gay response to this your gonna throw out
  13. Can you read?

    I have only said one thing in this thread that is not fact and corrected it in my second post.

    "why dont you try coming back with facts to make the other guy look stupid"

    Pretty much did that.

    Cliff :)
  14. Building it right...? what other way is there to build it...you make it sound like such a complicated process...IT'S NOT! you match up your combo to a particular RPM range...its quite simple...

    SO now...we're slow finding out that you have your bowls blended and have a valve job...ANYTHING ELSE? AGAIN 25thMustang...stock castings CAN be made to work and get results...BUT DON't call them STOCK! just because they are a stock castings...THAT is the only problem I have is you calling them stock...when they infact are NOT!...There must be something about the Mustang crowd and secrecy... :rolleyes:

    I doubt people are jeleous! They probably question your set up like I am...that doesn't make them jeleous...just makes them think that you are full of it...
  15. you don't need to blend the bowls and a valve job to run bigger valves...
  16. Sounds good to me:shrug:

    And I love how you said you could work on them in your sleep...and you have mufflers on it :rlaugh:

    You were saying you don't even think you could change the #1 cylinder plug in that time frame...which is totatlly insane to say that "noone" can do that...or infer it anyways. Wrong.

    So I don't know what a "socket wrench" is? :rlaugh: Your kidding right...so how did I perform my h/c/i swap, clutch swaps, etc... :bang: I must be really good...I must have did them in my sleep (dreams) :rlaugh:

    You asked I answered.

    It is obvious you haven't been to frequent for sometime because you don't realize how I post...others got it...you didn't. Sounds familiar :D

    This really it just a bit to easy...

    No, I'm being serious... :nice:
  17. Man, you're hopelessly incredulous. The one thing that he added is that he has blended bowls, and now you're making him out to be some kind of secretive liar. You're a dick... Have fun arguing til you're blue in the face by yourself.

  18. Stock 92, I think you should post again just so everyone can see your avatar. There wouldnt be wars if everyone would just stop and look at that pic. Man, I remember when this post was actually about someone being beaten by a ... ahh crap now I cant even remember if it was an ls1 or lt1. .......
  19. damn, can you guys stop with the dumbass page of quoting, its childish.

    anyways, cliff, that stang that you painted looks sweet!! good job!

  20. :lol: I'm sorry.....
    :lol: I had to do it.

    Thanks dude.

    I cleaned that car up Thursday night and stuck it in the garage til Sat morning. Pulled out and it was drizzling, headed to Carlisle, all the roads were wet. Get there a couple hours later and the car is covered with dirt to the point that you could hardly tell what color it was. People were still complimenting me on the road and everywhere we stopped. If any of you are on here and see this, THANKS!

    Cliff :)