I Was Owned By Ls1

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  1. There is quite a difference between working on something and modding it. Anybody with a GM product can tell you that whether it's modded or not, it's going to need repaired! You can fix it or let the service department fix it. The service department ain't touching mine!

    I realize how you post. You've also taken my stuff out of context in another thread trying to prove a point about someone else. The reason it looks like I have been off for a while is just about the time the server was hacked and they lost 3 months of information I started tearing the C5 apart for paint. It took me 39 days (10 hrs min + wortking = 3-4 hrs sleep per night:notnice: ) to clean, disassemble, sand, prep, mask, shoot, unmask, cut & buff, clean, reassemble, and clean once more. On day #40 I got the mirror lenses reinstalled and left for the car show in Ocean City (any of you make it there?) and two weeks of vacation. I did not have time to get on any of the forums in that time.

    Cliff :)
  2. So just for the sake of conversation......

    I was planning on going to Carlisle Sat & Sun this weekend because a friend of mine was up from Tenessee (Kevin Tetz of Paintucation & DIY Networks "Classic Rides" show) and he wanted to see my C5. I ended up taking both cars on Sat cuz I have stuff to do today. On the way home the roads were dry (unlike the trip up :notnice: ) so I figured I'd take the oportunity to see exactly when the C5 gets the advantage on my 93 GT. There was too many cars for quite a while, had to wait til all the way down on 283 South. We got on there and right off the ramp she pulled up next to me, (wife in C5, me in GT) we launched from about 20, both in 1st gear. She jumped hard, I spun pretty good, she instantly got a couple cars on me. I was going by her when I hit third at about 65. Right after that I had to lift, there was a car in my lane. We passed some cars and it opened up again. This time we went from 40, both in 2nd gear. I pulled away slowly and had about 5 cars on her at about 125 when we had to slow down again for traffic. She did not appear to have started gaining on me yet at that point. When I race on the street, if there is room to even get to that speed, that is when I normally shut down. I know my car couldn't trap that high so I know I'm passed the length of most normal races. We passed the next group of cars and got side by side again. Then we went one more time cuz I still wanted to see what speed she would get the advantage. This time it was from 60. I figured I'd start in 2nd even though I usually hit 3rd at about 65 in this car. I'm not sure why I do that, it's only around 5200 RPM. For some reason I have always shifted out of 2nd a little sooner than any other gear, must be something in my subconsious (sp?) making me do it. Anyways I pulled her hard & fast and then she flashed me and I knew why. She left it in drive and it only kicked down to 3rd instead of 2nd. So we took off one last time from 70, 3rd gear for me & 2nd for her. We were even for just a second then I started pulling her. When I hit 5th gear between 125 & 130 she was about 3 cars behind. When we had to lift for quickly approaching traffic again, I was going just over 135 and she was about 1.5-2 cars back. At that point she was catching up. Somewhere around 130 is where my auto equipped, stock except muffs C5 gains an advantage over my "bolt-ons"minus H&C GT. This is also basically what happened when I raced these two cars with my buddy driving the C5, except we never had the oportunity to hit these speeds.

    We also used to have very similar results when he was running his 2000 LS1/6sp Camaro against me. His car was unmodified. It would jump me by 3 cars off the line if we went from a stop. But from a 20 MPH roll I could pull him. In the short races we had, he could not catch up once I got in front of him. Before the Camaro he had an 89 LX hatch, stock engine except "F" cam (don't ask why, he bought it that way)and CAI & O/R exhaust with 3.73's & SSM lift bars and quite a bit of weight reduction although it was not "gutted". He ran 13.0's with it, don't recall MPH. That car would run all over me at any speed. But that was when I was having a severe tuning problem. He sold this car before I found that my C&L was costing me major power. I just mention this cuz it's another example of a basically stock 5.0 that would run with or beat a stock LS1. (getting back to the conversation of the first couple pages of this thread)

    This (135) is the fastest that I have gone in this particular car. I was not sure how it would feel at that speed (with all of the air going through my larger than normal grille openings) or how fast it might even go. It was surprisingly stable and was still picking up speed. I don't know what RPM I was running cuz I was watching her in the mirror and the speedo and the cars in front of us. It would have easily pushed to 140 and maybe to 145, which is the fastest I've been in a car. I doubt this engine has the power to push my GT brick through the air any faster than that. I'm sure the vette would have been good for some more MPH although I don't know how much with that automatic. I can tell you the 6 speed C5's will run 160 easy. My little brother road races both of his and has been 153 in his vert (I think he said at Road Atlanta) and has been 159 in his FRC at Summit Point or VIR, can't remember which. His cars are both stock except CAI, cat-back, and wheels & tires.

    The wife said the vette was rock solid at the speed she was going but did not look at the speedo to so how fast she was.

    That 145 MPH ride I took was in my Maverick and it was a white knuckle ride for sure. I was racing a Honda CBR600 from about a 70 MPH roll and I was right with him. It got scary when we started catching the cars in front of us and I had to let off the gas at 145. That's when chit got ugly, this car was very twitchy under highspeed braking and braking was very slow in this car anyways (non-power dics up front). I did not get slowed down and had to pass these cars on the right shoulder, the CBR passed them on the left shoulder and just stayed in the throttle. That dude was nuts.

    Oh well road trip time. Here is a couple more pics of one of my toys that I never had time to build and ended up selling. It's replacement we be here in a couple of weeks and I can't wait! :D And the coolest thing is, we saw an FFR Spec Racer with the other Cobras/Roadsters at Carlisle. When we got home, after getting her ass beat in the vette she asked me to build her a Spec Racer so she could whip me on the road and on the track. Hhmmm, his and hers Cobras. Does have a nice ring to it, ya think. :nice:
    Cliff :)
  3. that maverick

    WLDHRSE im new and i just saw ur post. u have a yard full of cool stuff id like to see that maverick tho. My dad has had his mav for 22 years just wanted to see whats done to urs. thanks...Heres a pic of my dads
  4. Why would I "hide" my combo from people on the internet. I have listed it out many times. I dont go into the tiniest details about it, kind of like the guy who lists his heads as ported, Im sure he doesnt spell out his flow numbers, and how much material they removed. The heads are stock castings, original to the car, I tell people they have valves, and are not ported, and have no reason to get into the very specifics on everything done to them. Keep fighting me to the death, I really dont mind, makes me feel better. I will continue to call you jeleous, and you will continue to get worked up about it! No sweat off my back, I have fun with the car, the mods it has and the times it runs and if it bothers you, too bad!
  5. I have a 88 lx looks very stock just a small cowl hood. 331 ysi 650rwhp. I love when a ls1 wants to play. The people that own them think they are the fastest things on earth. Once I hit 3rd and they cant see me any more it kind of puts them in there place.
  6. Dude, that Mav is the cat's ass! I think I 've seen that on the net before but can't think of where. :shrug:

    Those cars are great. Unfortunately, mine has been beaten into submission and is now waiting a new life. I used to pull that car and my 67 fastback into the driveway and swap engine & trannies between them, depending on which car I felt like driving. Last year when I sold the fastback it had the good engine & tranny and I pulled the bad combo out of this car. The bad combo was just installed in either car as a means of moving that car around without having to push it.

    The Mav will be back, but not too soon. Although I have a spare 306 TFS H/C/I engine and a spare Tremec sitting around that I have been thinking about dropping in there. Have not thought real hard about this cuz I don't feel like rewiring the Mav for the EFI. The harness that was on that engine will be going on my next FFR Roadster.

    Here is a few pics, sorry no good ones.

    Cliff :)


    I just love that last pic!
  7. 5 speed gt-why you always gaying off on these forums... get a life dweeb
  8. are you serious?
  9. check out the recent article in 5.0/4.6 tech about ls1 eater article....built a 331 stroker that dyno'd about 512 hp....save up and get one of those and no ls1 will touch you again including the vette

    project 89 Gt resurrection
  10. Lol...

    (old thread)
  11. Huntington Beach, CA - Beach BLVD about 10pm - 67* 2002 WS6 and my car (mods in sig) start downshifting to red light, both in first side by side slowing, light turns green. We go. Im on bald 225 tires. I spin through 1st, he pulls, most of second Im still spinning but catching him, By third shift I am gone.
    At red light same car quarter mile down the road. We nod to go on green. My car has a stock AOD with a slipped O/D and no TC. He pulls through 1st, then I catch and run him down. He dissapears. He pulls up at the light, I wanna know wut he has. He says full SLP, custom chip, and 4.10's. He got wasted. Head Cam Intake. Thats all it takes. WS6's come with 325 HP at the crank. Dont argue with me look it up. Oh yea my car was gutted. Also raced 2002 SS also 325 HP. He faired much worse. Must have been stock.
  12. it is never a good idea to mess with a ls1 car unless u have alot of mods. my buddy had 01 ws6(auto, 3500 stall, cam package,full exhaust, nitrous but bottle was at home empty, this car run an 11.26 at 120) and this guy with a 00gt(auto, stage 2 chip, full exhaust) was talkin trash to him so they raced. the oogt got bet by like 20 cars(its on vid). my buddy does not have this car now, he traded it in on a stock 02 ws6 triple black m6 the car dynoed at 321rwhp and 331rwtq and run a 12.99 at 101. i know ws6's are rated at 325bhp but that is underated to please the vette owners. so if u dont have a power adder(sc, turbo or nitrous) u will always get :owned: by and ls1 car. i am a ford man all the way and never will change that but all this is the TRUTH.
  13. At 101mph with a 12.99 time :shrug: I'm sure the mph was higher than that.

    I don't doubt the 2000 GT being beat that bad. He was in the wrong league...and that chip does squat for him :p

    You can beat an ls1 with a nice h/c/i package. Match mph vs. mph...not E.T. vs. E.T. Shows the overall pulling power.
  14. actually the mph was 100.8 i think, i will take a pic of his time slip to prove, this guy knows how to drive so he hooks off the line his 60 foot time was 2.0

    the night the 00gt got beat i was there, and it is on vid. a 87 iroc-z with a shift kit, 4:11's and a k&n filter beat the oo gt too.

    yeah i admit with a nice h/c/i package u can beat a stock ls1 car but not a a ls1 car with mods(maybe if the guy cant drive)
  15. I'd be curious of the timeslip pic. I don't see it being possible with a 100.8mph trap speed on street tires (especially a 2.0 60ft) that a 12.99 E.T. is possible. The ls1 is certainly capable of it with a good driver but the E.T. vs. mph in this case doesn't add up. I think you have two different timeslips mixed up??? Not knocking you at all.

    That Iroc-z shouldn't have beat him...350 or not. The 00 Gt should have taken him. The 00 GT must have an unaware/bad driver :shrug:

    Yeah I meant a nice h/c/i package will beat a stock ls1. Wasn't talking about modded.
  16. i dont know why u r arguing. GM is going down the tubes....period. and ford isn't, end of story.
  17. Do any of you guys watch the grand am racing events? they show them on speed channel sometimes the 05 GT with the 5.0 cammer engine has won 4 of 6 races and 2nd place in the other 2 :) This is unrelated to the topic but hey its better then a buncha quotes then a bunch of responses that take up half of the thread.
  18. You're right, it's not possible...just an example here, stock '99-'04 GTs and LT1 F-bodies are both good for right around 100mph traps and quite a few do cut 2.0 60' times...but neither will run even close to 12s stock. I'd say for a stock LS1 F-body to run 12s on a 2.0 60'...they'd probably have to be around 108mph, maybe even 109 because honestly, a 2.0 isn't anything to write home about.

    Really, the only way for him to actually do it would be if he has the quickest stock LS1 ever (say capable of 12.5-12.6) and he's just hitting the brakes hard at around 1200'.

    Anyway, I'd like to see the slip too...but if it does say 1/4: 12.99/mph: 100.8 then something's wrong, either the ET or the trap. Tracks, the timers and timeslips are not error-proof, they can be wrong.
  19. Forget about racing Trans Am's and Camaro's. There LS1 engines are insane.
  20. Did anyone read ths? My car never ran to full potential either, there was always something wrong with it. AND HE GOT OWNED. At least 3 cars.