I Was Owned By Ls1

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  1. Same track, basically same conditions my 99 Z28 and 95 Mustang GTS.

    1. I am an average driver
    2. I removed driver differences by being the driver on both cars.

    Yes the Mustang beat the Z but at a ton of work to do so.
    Bolt on a set of Drag Radials to the Z, the results would change again.

    Take it or leave it as you will. This is about the most factual and realistic test I can imagine.

    same track, controlled enviroment.
    same driver.
    same weather conditions.

    I just think that so often it comes down to driver.

    Anyway, who cares. All these ifs and what ifs. I only run mine for personal satisfaction. I have never street raced. I choose not to modify my LS1. The 5.0 is easier to work with to a point, but not really that much for an experieced gear head. Mod for mod the LS1 will win everytime.

    I love the sound an muscular look of the Stang, the blvd bruiser. The LS1 is a fierce highway car. Tell me of a stock 5.0 that easily runs up to 160 on an open road, they closest car was the 95 Cobra R.

    May 2005
    1999 Z28 M6 1LE Dyno 327/340
    [email protected] 2.2 60ft
    Catback, street tires

    Sept 2004
    1995 Mustang GTS 5spd Dyno 306/330
    [email protected] 1.9 60ft
    H/C/I and ALL bolt ons, Drag Radials
  2. JerryDaughtry - Yes we read it but variables change in that. Especially the different drivers. I have beat a 03 zo6 (ls6 powered vette with 405hp weighing in at 3050lbs). That was in my basically stock 2000 GT...so is my 2000 Gt faster? Absolutely not. I even raced him to 100mph. The driver was at fault. Not the car.

    Matt - Yeah that is pretty close...but the ls1 still got a faster mph...and like you said put on some drag radials like your sn95 had and it would be a different story. Good Job:nice:
  3. Agreed, this clearly shows what we beat the crap out of last time this thread was around. However if the SN95 was a fox it would be a couple tenth quicker at least, still making it an interesting race with slicks on the LS1. Excellent comparison :nice: .
  4. MATTZ281LE? In your second pic with the gts is that a maurader that is running behind you? I have always loved those FBI lookin fuggers. What kind of time did it run? Thanx.
  5. im in the same club that nobody believes what my car runs or that its a 306...oh well. It also makes me feel better when people doubt a car that was built right :D
  6. Yea I dont know if my car was built right lol, couldnt be if all of you are hailing the LS1 my car ****ed everything up. i dont care really wut you have to say about street racing but thats how i lived. I love it. Ive raced about every car you can think of. My car has the same mods roughly as diddlylx50 and once again I dont care if you believe me or agree wit me but my car stomped on ls1's and the like. I ran an 05 roush. and to my knowledge it is the new GT motor with an eaton rated at 500hp. I served that car. And when he asked wut I had i told him a 306 with bolt ons, he **** a brick. The ws6 was one of a few ls1's ive ran so i dont think everyone i ran was a nub at driving. I think ls1 are great cars but i dont think it takes a miracle to beat one, a simple edelbrock 5.0 package and some 3.73 will give them more than they can handle.

  7. Yes it was, They are quite qwick for a big car. There was 5 or 6 there that day. running from 14.00s-12.00's.

    Saw one Dyno at 286 RWHP too.

    I am not as fond of the Merc front as I am of the old PI Crown Vic.
  8. ok here is the exact time on his slip. its 12.99 at 108.96 with a 2.05 60ft. i knew thier was an 8 in it somewhere. turns out i was wrong but oh well. thats where experience comes in handy i guess. sorry guys
  9. thats more like it.
  10. That is what I thought :nice:

    An ls1 will dyno in the range of 300rwhp (depending on tranny). Now if your "average" h/c/i combo gets 290-300rwhp on a 5.0L and the weight difference is a couple-three hundred lbs difference then how can a 5.0L beat one just "so easy" :shrug: Race from a roll with a good driver and you will quickly see the equal number of horsepower go match for match. Again look at MPH...not E.T. (that is traction based).
  11. he's right, 108 mph is getting into mid - low 12 second territory.
  12. I do not think they dyno 300wrhp out of the box. I may be wrong and Im not starting an argument but unless I see a reliable number sheet I dont think they make 300 to the ground stock...
  13. They do I promise. Just check out www.ls1.com or www.camaroz28.com or www.ls2.com etc...etc. :nice:

    They range from anywhere from 285-310rwhp depending on years (ls6 intake/exhaust differences) and the SS and ws6 put down just a bit more power with a slightly less restrictive exhaust/intake system. You can get the 4L60E or T56 tranny (the latter puts down just a bit more power with less drivetrain loss).
  14. I dont know, I will check them out, If they make that kind of power, what can explain their inability to out run me on numerous occasions. I havent take it to the dyno, but I dont think I have 300 RWHP
  15. A few factors - driver (alls you got to do is be better than the other in equally powered cars), did you get the jump, where they in the proper gear, you having steeper gears, lighter weight, etc.
  16. **** its pissing me off they make that much power out of the box, and they pretty much have the same aluminum headed ls1 as the 98 vette detuned with the exhaust and something else I forgot. They will handle muuuuch more power than our 5.0's will. This greatly angers me.
  17. Yeah they can make some nice numbers. You add heads/cam and they make 420-430rwhp N/A. They are basically the same engine (the intake/exhaust configuration is slightly different to fit the different body moldings) but otherwise the same. They dyno the same but the vette is a bit lighter which makes the vette just a bit quicker.

    97-04 vette have the ls1 and the 98-02 camaro/transams have the ls1.
  18. Yea.. I had a 91 Vette with the L98, it hung decently with my friends 98 cobra, we were both stock he had flows and I had a K&N my motor was so out dated and yet he couldnt catch me untill 3rd and I was auto? Does chevy just make them better or wut?
  19. ls1 cars like the formula ta and the z28 will put down 290-310rwhp depending on the trans thier m6 will put down more. and the ss and the ws6 will put down more cause of the ls6 intake 300-325rwhp. but it takes bigger mods to get power. they dont have all the little **** we can do to get power cause its all done factory.
  20. Thats bull**** I hate them they are my new targets...