I Was Owned By Ls1

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  1. I agree with Nick302, An S-Trim will easily put you at 450rwhp with a simple pulley change and a fuel system.
  2. Go turbo and you'll never look back. 420 to the wheels is as easy as 9-10psi on your heads and intake. Just go with a kit to make it easy.

  3. With 8g's i'd go turbo and supporting traction components, its more involved than a centrifical but way worth it.
    Check these kits out, the 76mm is planed for my own car. :nice:

    BTW base kit 433 RWHP on a bone stock 5.0lx ($4500):D
    http://www.turbochargedpower.com/79-93 Mustang.htm
  4. Do all that stuff and then have a street bike whoop your ass......and be even more pissed off! :rlaugh:

    But seriously, if you're doing it for the fun of it, that's awesome....but if you're doing it to be the fastest car around and never lose to any car....then you'll need a LOT more power. :)
  5. On the way home a LS1 guy I always see was there, we played a bit. caught a light, he saw the brakes, and then heard the S trim. he didnt wanna play no mo.
    cool guy though.

    420 to the wheels is easy. H/C/I boost
  6. Ok, so you DONT have minor bolt ons, but a decent amount of work done. That changes things around, and I still dont know what kind of times your running. Id say a good cam, and SC will give you a proven 425 rwhp, and you should be able to beat most bolt on LS1s and even the cammed LS1s!
  7. 25thmustang = stangnet jedi !
  8. You don't have to know about ls1's if you own a house or business (or both). It isn't about being smart when knowing what is under the hood of "that" ls1 across the street :D

    Two words if your going to try to push that much power: DART BLOCK

    Also might want to get some very strong internals and a nice balance.

    The block itself is roughly 2,000 dollars...

    And about this "their will always be someone faster" clause...actually if you think about it...there can only be one "FASTEST" guy. So their is someone in the world that has the "fastest" car. It really depends on what qualifies under being "legal" to beat you. I can say it is pretty much out of the question for us to race the NHRA Top Fuelies...but do they "count" is the question? :)
  9. Your going to need a Supercharger to keep up with an LS1. So figure, $4,000.00 will put you next to a stock Trans Am.

    the problem is almost all LS1'a are modded, so it make sit harder for us to catch up.

    Oh, they also have Corvette engine and Tranny. Not slow...
  10. People are making over 400hp and tq with stock blocks and home made turbo kits....

    BTW GT40's do not like boost.
  11. I'm amazed that there was only one reply for a 351w. Too many people seem to be scared of this swap. A 351w with his gt-40 heads, and a Vortech. All you would need to beat a stock LS1. Now, get a custom cam in that 351w, up the boost, some AFR 225's, and your done.
  12. Kenne Bell with the supporting mods is always a nice choice and you can put the other $4,000 away for when a Z06 takes your ass!

    Good luck. It's always hard to keep up. I don't even try anymore. But to be honest I really didn't think an ls1 was that fast! :shrug:

    They are still ugly though! IMO the last camaro I would buy was made in '72.
  13. when i get beat (and its happened a few times) I just look at the amount of money they spent on their cars vs. what i spent on mine. So my buddys mercedes SLK v6 supercharged walked my stang...it better its a 60,000 dollar car. I paid 3000 for mine and have about a grand invested, besides going the fastest isnt my ultimate goal.
  14. Good job, moron.

    AND you put this in TECH!!! :rolleyes: :notnice: :owned:
  15. Not to be rude...

    ..but what are you doing? You stopped traffic to race. You have your own company and house so it seems like you have some intelligence. But why would you spend 8G on your car just so you can have your 13 seconds of glory? Like everyone has been saying, you can do more with the 8G. Upgrade your car, but to spend that much just to say "I beat this and that" come on. Take it to a track where it is safer. When you get pulled over for racing, where does that 8G go then? Be smart about it.

  16. I WAS going to just toss a TFS track heat kit on my this summer, but instead i have decided to take my time and do it right. Instead im spending most of my money on getting the car ready, ie subframes, electric fan, new alt, AL D/S, intake, fuel pump and other little things i need. Then im buying a bare sportsman block(cant afford dart) obring it .30 and getting it ready for either a 331/347 forged assembly. Then next summer the rest (SC/heads) and i will be FLYING.
  17. Actually that's part of the point. Unless you're some kind of millionaire, then there WILL be a faster street car than you.....always.
  18. You don't need a supercharger to keep up with or beat an LS1 Fbody, or LS1 Corvette for that matter. The supercharger is simply one option of many.

    A stout top end package with the right chassis and drivetrain will put you with or well beyond stock LS1 range, depending on how mild or wild you go. Obviously this applies to a built top and bottom end combo as well. If you don't want to get into the engine, then yes, a supercharger, nitrous system, or turbo kit are all options as well. Also keep in mind that many folks use these things in combination.

    No offense, but your comment really rubbed me the wrong way and reflects a degree of ignorance.


    The above link is to my forum. We're having a Fastest '05 challenge. While the season is still early, I'm already ahead of two modified LS1 cars, a GTO and a TransAm, and I'm hoping to significantly improve my times tonight.
  19. I was talking bolt-On's. Of course if you work below Valve Covers, a GT will be in stock LS1 territory.

    The point is, a GT needs major mod's to compete with the old LS1's. I know, because I still get me Azz beat by LS1's, especially after 2nd gear.
  20. I don't really think you need a supercharger either. Back when my car was still untuned I ran against a brand new Vette from a dig, and he only beat me by like 2 cars, and it wasn't until 3rd gear before he got by me. Granted, he could have been a bad driver or something, but we were still close. But if you did that 331 buildup and boosted it you would be eating LS1s for breakfast, but would you want to drive a car like that everyday? I probably wouldn't.