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  1. I always thought the advantage was the 6 spd chevy uses. What is the gear ratio in the 6spd LS1?
    I drove a Sentra SER specv with a 6spd and it felt like just that, 6 forward gears. When I shifted it into 6th it didnt feel like a OD gear.
    What im trying to say, would the Fox bodied car hold up after 3rd gear if it had a LS1 tranny?
  2. Man I love chebby LS1 camaros...they are soooo fast! They have such an awesome R&P and I love it when they make a "boom." Very chap to replace too.

    Now the engines are nice but jezus it's not that hard to beat...Now if the price was right I'd surely take that engine and put it into my fox, it's pretty much an SBF anyways. You can count on that it would be quicker than stock camaros too.
  3. Agreed :)
  4. Here are the two most common stock fox T5's

    861/2 to 89....3.35, 1.93, 1.29, 1, .68
    90-93............3.35, 1.99, 1.33, 1, .68
    T56 close.......2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1, .74, .5 From the info i have this is the LS1
    T56 Wide.......2.97, 2.07, 1.43, 1, .80, .62

    I'm not entirly positive that a LS1 has the close ratio tranny but that's what was on the cart i found :shrug: however third gear on the 4 examples are farly close and in any case the LS1 In third gear and a Fox in third gear is no contest, the LS1 is simply to much for the stock fox.
    Sorry, I'm no chevy lover but the stock LS1 is way out of a stock 5.0's league in an engine to engine comparison :(
  5. I raced an LS1 last night, actually two.... I raced a 98 WS6 ( I think, had the quad hood).. and a 200x LS1 Cammaro SS with cam and exhaust and some other small things. I hung door to door with the WS6 for as long as we raced. Then as I was leaving I raced the 200x, this thing has spanked a 03 Cobra (and they have video), and I went from a roll and by the time I was in 4th gear he was about 3 cars ahead, but hey... I had him in first and second, but I think he was spinning. These cars are really quick, and even with all my mods, I still get whooped.
  6. That's correct...the T56 wide is the M29 which was only available in the '93 F-bodies. The T56 close is the MN6 which was in the '94-'02 F-bodies (only behind V8's of course).

    *The M28 was also available in '93 only...which was 3.36 2.07 1.35 1.00 .80 .62 but that was only with 2.73s IIRC...the M29 cars had 3.23s.
  7. Looking at this thread again I just realized, it's not "people", it's just you. :rolleyes:

    Like I said, you need to pay attention! 86 is one of the years that I don't currently own, but I understand why you mentioned it.

    WTF? Have no idea what you're refering to, guess it's just more idiot talk. :nonono:

    "We" is you. This is what everyone esle in this thread is talking about.....
    There are many more examples of this, if you were paying attention you may have noticed that.:notnice:

    In the 106 posts that make up this thread, you are the only person talking about track times. One post mentioned the 1/4 in responce to something stupid that you had said. Another post referenced the 1/4 in the same way but was not talking about times or speed. Again, if you were paying attention, you would know that this is what EVERYBODY but you is talking about.....
    I'm sorry, you must have timing lights and a tree in you trunk for every time someone pulls up next to you at a red light and revs at you. You know, like what happenend to the guy who started this thread. :rolleyes:

    And guess what dumbass, in your example the guy in the LS1 LOST. You're such a freakin idiot! :lol:

    Not really. I can pretty much take them all apart and put them back together in my sleep. :D

    Idiot is not a name, I did not call you Mr. Idiot. Idiot is a descreiption that like I said before is appears appropriate. And you prove it a little more with each of your posts.

    That was a reply to something specific about a stang, not a vette. It certainly says nothing about me (or anybody) gutting a C5, which is what you said earlier. But way to notice things!

    Cliff :)
  8. a H/C/I from trick flow + a S-trim will put u at about 4 g's brand new... and depending on #'s (12) of boost 500+rwhp out of a 302 :)

    **and if u want to spend that extra 4 grand...put it into the internals!

    and 500 rwhp= :owned: on LS1's well mostly...but trust me your win to loss ratio will be very good :)
  9. I agree with pretty much everything 5spdGT has said so far, and Ive got an ls1 camaro in the family, so if anyone wants to argue with me....go for it.
  10. Try reading it again...is it just me???? :D


    I was talking about how you said "I did not say anything about a stock or modified this, beating a stock or modified that." because you have throughout the whole thread. Remember you "modded" 86 hanging with your C5 :D Convienent amnesia?

    No it isn't...you were taking those examples out of context. You need to go actually buy a C5 so you know what your talking about :shrug: You need to go back to the track as well...

    Here I'll break down your "out of context examples" -

    Why didn't you include the whole sentence? :p

    I dare you to ask him personally what he thinks it will take to "truely" one run at the track. Something were the ls1 isn't playing catch up :owned:

    So what is your point with this one?

    You don't need a supercharger...I don't...I have a "nice" h/c/i package as stated...your little bolt-ons/slicks/suspension aren't going to beat an ls1 and stay ahead...it just won't happen. Sorry, the truth hurts :)

    Might want to reread the thread :nice:

    "Go back to the track"

    But which one is faster...the ls1. Look at the trap speed...the ls1. Put some slicks/suspension on the ls1 and see who comes out on top from "bottom to top" :nice: The ls1. The 5.0L simply isn't putting down enough rwhp to keep up with one...they dyno around 300rwhp (the ls1) and with bolt-ons the 5.0L has 240rwhp at the maximum usually with bolt-ons. It is common sense...the weight difference isn't that great enough. Hence, that is why the ls1 is faster and more refined.

    That's funny...I would love for you try the ls1 out :rlaugh: Can you do a spark plug change in 5 minutes :rlaugh:

    Yes it is. You referenced it as one...as a name calling incident. That is a name...

    Oh and it's spelled "discreption"

    I'm glad I proved something to ya...

    Oh so it wasn't about a vette...well let me requote it again...for all to see :nice: You be the judge? What was the last thing said (which car?) and then what followed? Again I'll let you be the judge...

    Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me...

    Keep it coming...this is very easy :)
  11. Well obviously you read none of it again.

    Just to point out a few things......

    No I can't change the spark plugs on my C5 in 5 minutes. Are you saying you can change spark plugs on you stang in 5 minutes? What's your point? Never mind.

    When I misspelled description it was an obvious typo, what's your excuse. Only a *****in idiot would spell something wrong while trying to point out that someone else spelled the same word wrong. But if it brought you some personal satisfaction.....

    And I still don't have an 86, and have not mentioned one anywhere in this thread. But again, it's nice that you're paying attention.:rolleyes:
    Maybe it's good that you keep thinking I have one though, I saw one on Sunday that I may pick up.

    I'm out!

    Cliff :)
  12. Back in 1998, when GM dummped the LS1's in the Trans Am's and Camaro's, it spelled doom for us. The LT1's were hard enough to contend with. Chevy did everything right with the LS1 BUT I think the next Cobra will be an awesome LS1 contender.
  13. LOL, this is all pretty entertaining to read... but i will throw in my 02.

    When my car was mostly stock (underdrives, headers) i ran a ws6 from a roll and pretty much stayed beside him (my car is a freak, stock + frame connectors and it weighted 3060lbs). when we shut it down i was ahead by half car. this was just a short race, to maybe 100kms as we were both on a somewhat crappy road. But I did beat him.... if we had an extra 5 seconds i would have gotten ripped but oh well. As far as the Lt1, i have never had any troubles with them. where i come from (south shore, NS, Canada=sea level) the LT1 fbods run mid 14's.

    Either way, if you want to start comparing apples to apples then the mustang still looses... but ford isnt in this for pleasing us, they are in it for the almighty dollar, and if v6 automatic mustangs sell, were are in good condition because if not, we would not even have a mustang anymore, and it would be the way of the ta's and camaros: dead.
  14. Look in the mirror...

    Okay, let's hear it...

    :rlaugh: That statement from me proves the point I was trying to get out which worked perfectly. It is a common feature of the ls1 to have a hard/long time to change out the spark plugs. The C5 does have more room but it takes quite a while...a couple hours or so to do a change on a ls1 maro/bird. Nope I can't change mine in 5 minutes...

    I just got a little satisfaction. Just a little bit...

    So where did this come from? Seems like a little editing is going on;)

    Your giving up to easy... :nice:
  15. Actually the 03/04 Cobra beats the ls1's...the 01's and down can not...
  16. Factory freaks don't exist...you just outdrove him... :nice: They do run on average of mid 14's but their mph is around 98-101mph.

    :nice: My thoughts exactly.

    By the way in your sig. it says you have 301rwhp with just bolt-ons? I have never heard of that...would you give us a "power list"?
  17. Giving up, not hardly. There is just no point. Not only have you not read the first couple of pages, you aren't even reading the new stuff. Or you really are the dumbest person on the planet.

    Exactly how does me saying that I can not change plugs on the vette in 5 minutes prove anything, and what exactly is it that you proved? EVERYBODY knows that they can't be changed that quickly. It takes that long to change the plug on a lawn mower dumbass.

    Obviously if you had read any of the earlier stuff that you were ripping apart, you would know that the four-eye freak is my 93 GT. I'm just wondering though, since you did not read the posts to see that this car is a 93, I'm guessing you looked at the sig pic like I said in my first post. If that's the case, how the hell did you confuse this car with an 86? Either way, you weren't paying attention and obviously still aren't.:rolleyes:

    I'm not giving up, just bored with you. If you want to see my stuff, it will be at Carlisle this weekend. The 93 will be there on Sat, outside the show. The vette will be there Sun, definately outside the show (for reasons that may not be appearant to someone of your thought capacity).

    Cliff :)

    BTW, Sorry to JJ88GT. You wanted to know how to be at 425 HP to whip a heavily modified LS1. From the way you described losing, I don't think 425 would do it. I should not have mentioned anything about running with/beating a stock LS1 even though some others had worked it into the topic. Obviously you already know and have what you need to run with and or beat stock LS1's.
  18. Yeah, if the Cobra has a Supercharger it should take a stock LS1.
  19. Who made you an expert, you clearly dont have ANY clue here...

    I have Stock heads (unported with a set of valves), Stock cam, and a Cobra intake. I dont make 280 rwhp, and I run with LS1s on my street tires! I dont have crazy 4.56 gears, I have 3.73s. I dont have a gutted race car, but all the power options, leather, CD player, and get 24 mpg on average now!

    You obviousely havent tried to run with an LS1 with less than H/C/I or you would realize it isnt out of reach of a mild, NON H/C/I combo!

    If were talking 1/4 mile race, equal drivers, your going to need 250+ rwhp to run with a stock LS1 (talking general here). On street tires, unless your cutting 1.8s or better, and assuming the LS1 has the same driver. You do NOT need 300 rwhp, but its all reletive to 50,000 variables that will make the comparison unfair.

    In the end the one thing I can say is you dont NEED 300 rwhp, and H/C/I to run with stock LS1s!
  20. Well i consider a bolt on to be anything you can "bolt on" without requiring machine work.

    i wont go into major detail, but the main components are:
    tfs twisted wedge heads, street heat intake, stage one camshaft,
    24lb injectors, etc etc.....

    i did the motor long after the ls1 race though... although i think id have em pretty good now. the regular lt1's are very easy now too ;)