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  1. The sad truth is most Mustang owners cant drive, and dont know how to mod their cars, therefore, they have to bolt on all the go fast parts to run the times. I dont know how many H/C/I cars I have beat who should be going much faster.

    Again I cant control how slow other people go. Its not my fault most people cant drive, tune, build, etc...

    Can you tell us how you drive it with the radials on it and get 12.99 times? What are you launching at and are you power shifting, or what else.
  2. 25thMustang - To stop the doubting I would post everything you have done to the car...it is quite extensive when you post everything that helps you. People won't doubt you as bad...your sig. is semi-misleading;) You drive awesome though...did you ever get a video of your shifting yet? I've been waiting...but you said you had your car in storage over the winter...

    Mark89coupe - Yes he powershift...
  3. How do you powershift with radials? Wont it just spin? I can understand powershifting into third.
  4. 105-107MPH still = 12's with traction...proper gearing

    maybe so...but than again we have people like ED C to set combo's for us...I guess he doesn't know s*it either...

    OR maybe you're just that great of a driver...? :rolleyes: WHICH I don't doubt...but even with a great driver compared to a good driver you won't see more than .5 difference...and that's being generous...the rest believe it or not depends on the car...such as traction...where you launch...HOW MUCH POWER the car makes...

    The one thing that I do question is your RWHP...now see this through my perspective...you have a Cobra intake...stock cam, and stock heads with GT-40 valves...LT's, TB, MAF...you pretty much have a 93 Cobra motor...and those ONLY dyno at 235-245RWHP...car to explain where the other 30RWHP are from? I also thing that your 3.73's are too small of a gear to run those times as well...

    yeah...that must be it...I'm jealous! :rolleyes: or maybe there's something that you're still holding back...or maybe you're just BS'n...who knows...its the internet!
  5. Highbredcloud,

    You should really drop this argument. If you want to see his times, you can look them up. He runs them in sanctioned NMRA events.

    And no he isn't running a stock cobra motor. He's got a more aggressive cam, Long tubes instead of ****ty factory shorties, 3.73s are not that bad considering the powerband of the stock 5.0 motor (puts him through the traps at over 5200 rpm with stock sized tires and 107mph - you don't want to run it to the limiter with the stock cam). He has a combo that works and as you can see he launches and drives the hell out of it. You should do your research. Factory stock is going a lot quicker than he is and he isn't even close to the first person to perform with the equipment that he has.

  6. Oh.... changed your tune heh? Well don't worry, it's not really scary and it's certainly not accurate, I can work on the LS1 anytime the need arises. :nice: It's kinda funny that you mention it though considering you have nothing more than your own stupidity to base that statement on. :D

    First intelligent thing you've said in quite some time. Must have been an accident. :rlaugh:

    Depends on where I'm at when I decide to change the plug. I can tell you that once I get the socket it takes me 20 seconds to walk to the mower.

    Since you seem to be the king of "prove it", why don't you do so? Go ahead and show us a nice 20 sec video of you changing a plug on your lawn mower. Yeah, I know, you can't show it cuz you can't do it. The fact that you said you could is just some of the nonsence that you questioned me about below. ;)

    No, do you? :rolleyes:

    Refer to above please. :D
    My responces back are just pointing out your stupidity. Really, I'm just in it now to see how far you stupidity goes. That was easy, dumbass.

    You may want to go ahead and do that, then maybe you can answer that question on your own! :rlaugh:

    Yes fairly familiar with it. But obviously if you were paying attention you would know that when you edit one of your posts, it becomes noted at the bottom of the post. And if you were paying attention (at least before saying something so stupid), you would see that the two posts in this thread that I did edit were done within minutes of posting the original. They were both done to add info. I know you wanted people to see what you wrote and try to make them think that I was adjusting my information, to bad that chit blew up in your face.

    Take a look at the bottom of this one, check the time, remind you of something? Yep, it's that chit all over your face.

    So like I said in the previous post, since you've obviously read and comprehended (sp?) every post in this thread, go back and find the one (or more) where you keep saying that I said I have an 86 stang. It's okay, I know you can't, so does everyone else that's following this.

    I can not believe you are still stuck on this 86 chit after all this. Again, you're such a freakin idiot. :rlaugh:

    I told you before, I never lose control. But I guess you weren't paying attention to that either. At this time please refer to above comment.

    This comment may be even dumber than your first comment on this topic.

    Not really. There will be ballpark 30,000 Fords there this weekend, about 25,000 of them will be Mustangs. Why do you ask, looking for a Metro to race with your H/C/I stang. He might ET you, but you should be able to top his MPH.

    What I'm making easy is you looking like a jackass. I know you'll have some more stupid comments cuz that's just you. I'll be right here til someone locks this thread.

    Cliff :)
  7. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    This is the best line in the entire thread :nice:
  8. So what mods have you done to the ls1 that has you work on it? :D

    Did you weld in the mufflers yourself?

    How is complimenting a ride an intelligent thing...I thought it was just an opinion...

    I'm proud of you.

    Actually I could pull a plug out of my car with the equal lengths in 20 seconds (it isn't that hard)...I would have no problem removing an open elemented spark plug.

    I have a camcorder...what else do I need to post it?

    Of course I do...isn't that what your supposed to do? :shrug:

    Let me post it again, "How am I responding nonsense? If it was nonsense...how could you respond back with answers/questions? Answer me that Mr. Riddler"

    Again there you go with the namecalling...losing control?

    Sounds like fun...do you have a metro I can borrow...or do I need to drive up to Carlisle :rlaugh:

    I didn't hear an explosion?

    Yeah I'm a newbie here...I don't know how all that works :D

    Wow is that how you do it :D

    Having trouble?

    Again the name calling...Losing control?

    Except in your all powerful ls1 right :nice:

    So does that mean I'm getting better?

    Fords are slow...yeah I'm wanting to race a geo metro from a roll so he don't E.T. me... :nice:

    Same here...what are the odds :)
  9. No way, people arguing on stangnet, I don't believe it :p

    Hey what's up Cliff. Your (many) cars are looking hot :cool:

    carry on :D
  10. Are geo metros really that fast, I have a h/c/i and some gears too do you think my combo can run one :shrug: ? There are a few modded one around my town, I think i'll stay away from them...
  11. Yeah they will eat your lunch...don't they have two available engines (when they made them) for 57hp and one for 91hp or something like that??? :p
  12. Alright, here goes...

    on my 12.56 pass:

    Stock bottem end, Stock cam, E7TE heads (1.84/1.54 valves with corresponding valve job), 1.7 rockers, Cobra intake, 65mm TB, 75mm MAF, CAI, Pulleys, Long Tubes, prochamber, Catback, clutch, shifter, 3.73s, Slicks.

    On my 12.99 pass all was the same, short of 245/45/17 radials, and a rebuilt short block over the one I have now.

    As far as driving on radials it was my first time with the stick doing so, and I launched off idle, rolled onto the throttle, and yes powershifted every gear. The car surprisingly didnt spin much into 2nd even though on the street it doesnt get any traction in 2nd, the tracks just that much better.

    There you go, bolt ons, and valves in the heads. I still have yet to touch suspension, and the like, and actually have a built 4.10 rear end ready to drop in! Believe what you like, I dont care, I have a few people that can vouch for anything I say, but Im sure you naysayers will call BS on them too (ERnotch who went 12.7 with a stock untouched motor was at the events I ran my times at and he was going 12.9s that day).
  13. LOL...you're too much...nothing in "Factory Stock" is stock...People have thousand $$$ valve jobs...more aggressive ramp rates on their so called "stock cams"...etc etc...For him to say he runs stock parts with those times is an insult to those that know their stuff...I guess he is doing something right...he is giving false hope to the uneducated crowd...BTW: LT's will make about 5 peak HP more than shorties...still doesn't explain the 25 RWHP he's getting...
  14. Yeah...I know several of people like yourself that have "stock" cars with an E-cam and 1.7 rr :rolleyes: ...Again...please tell me how you got your 272RWHP...with those parts...I seriously must be doing something wrong along with 95% of other people on here...
  15. I think he's said that he made 272 after he worked the shortblock. If I'm not mistaken he was in the 260s with the stock shortblock. That's not far-fetched to me to someone who knows the tricks.

    I agree with you, though, in that people will get the wrong idea if they think they can just go buy a cobra and long-tubes and go blister the 1/4 with mid 12s. Then again, he never implied that either.

  16. according to him...the shortblock is stock...along with everything else... :rolleyes: Yet he is about 30RWHP shy of what an AFR/FTI combo makes...I guess I should have kept my stock heads!
  17. I guess so. FWIW, it's about 50rwhp shy of my AFR/FTI combo. No need to be envious, though. Some people do more with less, he's one of 'em.

  18. LOL...50RWHP...you do realize that there are people that range from 295-340RWHP with that combo right? I'm reffering to street driven...stock bottome end...nothing ported FTI combo...which will be between 295-315RWHP...at the most! There's no way I am making that much...but who knows...maybe I should dyno the car... :D
  19. Yes, of course I realize it, and man you just don't believe anyone do you? I'll lay out every part I had on the car for you and you can reproduce it if you don't believe me or come down to columbus and I'll prove it to you. I can also post the dyno graph.

    I'm an older customer of Ed's. Street driven, stock bottom end except cam, unported Cobra intake, unported AFR165s made 311 rwhp SAE with crap shortie headers. What do you reckon it makes after porting the lower Cobra intake, going from an engine-bay mounted K&N to a CAI, and swapping to LTs? I figure it's good for around 320, now. Even if you don't agree, 311rwhp is still 40rwhp more than he's making with the stock heads.

    Your "315rwhp at most" is crap, go look up Jesse Henchel's old setup, and Kyle's (forgot his last name) old 93 Cobra. Jesse was trapping over 116 mph at over 3200 lbs probably making over 340rwhp on the otherwise stock shortblock with AFR165s, FTI cam, and Performer intake. Kyle made 319rwhp SAE with a cobra intake, AFR heads, and an FTI cam. But whatever, I'm tired of arguing with you. Believe what you will.

  20. Come on dude, this ones much better than that, IMO. :lol:

    I'll respond to the rest of his garbage later, don't have time right now.

    Cliff :)