I Was Owned By Ls1

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  1. Should have kept your stock heads then...

    My cam is stock, my bottem end is stock, and the heads havent been ported, neither has the intake. I take it as a compliment you dont believe my times, power or mods. I apologize for being able to build a stout combo and being able to drive it to the times it runs, next time Ill be sure to drop a spark plug wire or two, and run some "normal" times!

    I was also in MM&FF for the Epping FFW event, where I placed second. If you like you could look up the picture of my car, as well as the write up on the event where it lists my name, as well as some of the times I ran!
  2. My mild combo (gt-40 iron, corba intake, b-cam) and the t62-1 turbo I have on the way will give me the rwhp (450) I want and more if I build the block for it.
  3. And what accessories were deleted;)

    25thMustang - Also you have a/c deleted and smog pump deleted right?
  4. I guess if you were paying attention you would know! :nono:

    While it would be possible, I'm quite sure YOU can't change even the #1 cylinder plug in 20 seconds. Even if the new plug was already out of the box, gapped and sitting on top of the engine, and the plug wire was off, and the tools were there, you just ain't getting it done. :notnice:

    It's kind of funny that you don't even know what the tool is called, it's a ratchet, dumbass. :lol:

    BTW, you have sets of 5/8 spark plug sockets? Each of my spark plug socket sets has more than 1 size. :shrug:

    Perhaps you would like to tell everyone what an "open elemented spark plug" is? :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Must be the one you use the hammer on. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    I believe you, how bout posting some video of that.

    Pretty much answered this. I can understand why you didn't get it though, being a phrukin idiot and all. :D

    I know someone of your (un)intelligence could mistake this but, it's not a name, it's a description, dumbass!

    This is a great responce to a quote about you rereading this thread. I'd have to say the level of your stupidity hit a big peak right there. :nice: Kinda brings to mind your question about "nonsence".

    To answer the question......
    No I don't. The only GM products I do are vettes and 67/68 camaros.

    Your obviously not a newb here, but apparently the rest of that statement is correct. :eek:


    Please refer to your quote above about "nonsence".

    Already answered this. Sounds like your running out of stupid things to say and just repeating yourself. :nice:

    Please refer to previous comment. :nice:

    er... unfortunately for you, no.

    Better hope he's not packing an LS1. :rolleyes:

    Unfortunately for you, your knowledge is chit, and like I said, it knows no boundries.

    We both new the odds were pretty good that you would come back and say something stupid, and I would exploit that stupidity.

    At least after a dozen posts, you finally stopped bringing up my 86. :D

    Cliff :)
  5. Hey Mike, how you been? Giving up on the S/C?

    Can you believe this dumbass? It was bad enough when he was actually trying to make a point. Now he's just struggling to say anything that has to do with anything in what he's quoting. It's pretty damn amuzing. :chair:

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    I just shot that vette a couple weeks ago. Front is Tangerine Kandy faded into Apple Red Kandy. Not a sharp line fade like my wifes LX, a gradual fade through the whole door. Have you seen my Capri?

    Thanks for the props, I'm trying. :D

    Cliff :)
  6. That mustang you posted earlier in the thread was your 90GT that you put the capri bumper on, correct? I don't remember seeing the capri.

    I sold the supercharger months ago. It pissed me off so I sold it to build what I always wanted, a n/a 347 stroker. I'm hoping to be running in a few weeks, preferably by my birthday (June 14th).

    Heres my engine bay after I cleaned the sh it out of it and painted it with por15 clear rust preventative paint:
  7. Hey buddy calm down...I have the same combo as the guys you mentioned...infact I think I have the same combo as you! BUT my lower Cobra is ported and my 165's have been milled...I'll be going to a dyno soon so I will know how much it really makes...My guess...I'll make around 310-320RWHP...nothing more...I've been in this business long enough to know what a particular combo is capable of...and 25thMustang combo does not = 272RWHP...are you his boyfriend or something...? stop speaking for him and let him answer my questions? he still hasn't done so.
  8. LOL...there's nothing special to your combo...don't flatter yourself! I've seen many "stock" motors...infact...I almost built one but the power to money spent ratio was just not worth the try...AGAIN...there is NO WAY your car makes more power than a stock 93 Cobra...not with the mods you listed...Tell me this than...what would you run with the FTI combo? High 11's...mid...low...high 10's? I'm not disputing that you arn't a great driver...what I am disputing is your RWHP and your times with those mods...YOU do realize that people with way better aluminum heads way more aggressive cam and intakes run the times that you are running? How can this be...? I guess you must be the only one that knows how to "build" an engine combo... :rolleyes: as stated before...even with a great driver compared to a good driver...the difference in ET's won't be more than 5 tenths of a second...there rest is determined by the car's power...traction...etc...
  9. This reminds me of a 198x chevette running around here, tubbed with a blown bigblock, everyone avoides him. when it hooks he'll beat ya, when it dosen't...lets just say it gets a little hairy. :)
  10. Damn WLDHRSE!! Them some hella quoting skilz!
  11. That's my 93 GT, but what's in a couple years. haha.

    I may be doing the same thing with the 91 GT I have. I recently got a 79 Capri RS that would be a perfect donor for the nose, it's exactly like the 80 RS I tore apart to modify the 93 GT.

    Your car still wears the original paint doesn't it? If you lived a little closer, we could change that. :nice: I always loved that Emerald Green though.

    You have seen pics of the Capri before, but in a much less perty time. Not memorable and maybe it's better that you forgot about them. :D
    After I get my new Factory Five Roadster done, I will be repainting it, well maybe not. It's pretty damn sweet like it is but has a few more mistakes than the others that I've done. One of these days I'll drop the big-block back in it and put the thing back together. It's been waiting too long.......

    Sorry the pics aren't better. I can't get any good pics of the ghost flames. They are done in flip-flop and every time I get a nice angle where the show up good, I snap the pic, the flash goes off and changes the lighting, and the flames dissapear. :bang:

    Cliff :)
  12. You never know...

    Are you running pedestal or stud mount AFRs, and what'd you have them milled to? Your dyno numbers will depend on how aggressive your cam is and how you tune it. Look for optimum timing at around 18 degrees.

    Seriously though, if you've been in the business so long, it shouldn't be so hard believe him. Why give a good guy a hard time. He's already spelled his combo out for you, you just won't accept it. I think you should find something better to do.
  13. A/C and smog pump together are worth more in weight off of the nose of the car then power. So, I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at.

  14. Maybe if he then sands all the paint off and removes all the moldings, he'll be light enough to beat that Trans Am...
  15. Cliff, car looks good. Nice little skill you learned there. My GF likes the purple :D (I just showed her this post) I think my car's been repainted or at least partially repainted, but its the original color.

    Do you paint cars for customers or just your own cars?
  16. I'm running stud mount rockers...The heads have been milled to 54cc...The cam is the same cam that Dave (5spdGT) is running...so you can ask him how he likes it... :D to get a second opinion...Yeah...you're right about the timing...its set at 18*...haven't really had an opertunity to "tune" the car since I only drove it once after I put everything in...(no insurance :nonono: and a dead battery :rolleyes: ) My block has also been zero decked so my compression should be something like 10:8 or 11:1 with those heads...its also a 306.

    ITS HARD to believe...regardless. Here's why...for an equal comparisson Tmoss has a dyno graph somewhere on his site of a car I believe Rio5.0 which consisted of Tmoss ported stock lower and Thumper heads...Tom ported my lower Cobra so I know and compliment his worksmanship...I never saw a set of Thumpers before so I can't say...BUT from what each claims Tom's ported lower will flow in the neighborhood of 190-195cfm if not a little more...A stock Cobra only flows 200-205cfm...and Thumpers claims his heads flow over 200cfm on intake and 170cfm or so on the exhaust maybe more...POINT is Rio5.0 car didn't dyno more than 260RWHP...I don't think anyone with Tmoss/Thumper setup have dynoed at more than 260RWHP...although I could be wrong...Even Tmoss him self with slightly ported P heads and his ported Explorer intake is in the 280RWHP...

    SO how can 25thMustang make 272RWHP with stock E7TE heads with ONLY GT-40 valves and a stock Cobra intake and LT's? STOCK 93 Cobras dyno at 235-245RWHP. I personally saw one on the same dyno as my car on the same day at fun ford weekend 2-3 years ago...

    NEXT: There's a memober on here...Millhouse...you might have heard of him before...that runs 13.4...at 101MPH in his 89 notch...with only a Performer intake and full exhaust along with 3.73's...I question his times as well at times...but that is more believable than 25thMustang's times...Years ago my buddy's brother had a 91 notch...with 3.27 on a full dynomax exhaust with O/R H pipe...running 14.1...and he powershifted the s*it out of it...

    ask Mike (Grn92LX)...what he ran in his TW combo BUT with an FTI cam...I believe it was 12.7 @ 109MPH...(I thought you were hookin' Mike? :D )

    Before my AFR swap...I had CNC ported GT-40's...with TW stage II cam and a ported Cobra lower...I never took it to the track but that car was easily low 13's high 12's...I out ran my buddy's car by 3 car lenghts...who runs 13.6...I sold the heads to Lynx331 on here...who has a 87GT running those heads...stock Cobra intake and AFM N-21 cam...with slicks he ran a 13.5 @ 95MPH...with 1.6 60ft...with stock MAF and stock injectors...(his car is converted to MAF from SD)...you could see why I have trouble believing his times...

    Again...I've seen those so called "stock" cars before...
  17. eerrr.....
    okay, you got my interest, who and what are you talking about?
    Just curious :shrug:

    Cliff :)
  18. Mike, the 3 cars in these 2 posts are the only ones I have painted so far. Have not done any for customers yet but have a 99 C5 vert & a 99 C5 FRC to do for my brother and another C5 vert that someone asked me to do exactly like mine. Also have a 67 fastback that I will be doing for a customer and a 91 GT. Also in the near future will be doing my own FFR Roadster. Like my GT and vette, that will be a candy over flip-flop job.

    I believe I probably told you about all of the problems with the paint job on my wifes LX way back in the day on Dugan Racings board. After that I told my wife that I could do a better job than this clown did (for $2500). Then I spent the next 15 months researching, and about $2500 on stuff to learn and use in the process. And it turns out I was right, I definately do a better job than the "professional" that did her LX. Actually, I'll probably shoot that car this summer too, but have not decided on a color (or two) for it yet. It's hard and it takes along time but I like doing it.

    That purple is a mix of a couple different HOK colors, both purples, one metallic and the other is a pearl. That car changes appearance significantly under different lighting conditions. It will look as dark or darker than these pics under some light sources, then be almost as light as a base silver in direct sunlight.

    Oh well, I'm learning, getting better. :D

    Cliff :)
  19. Wasn't it just exhaust :rlaugh: Talk about a ls1 know it all...

    You need to go back and look at the plugs...it is possible. Go change a spark plug or something :nice:

    Umm...I call it a socket wrench - How do you say tomato?

    Name calling again...losing control?

    How bout that...me 2. Should I mention all my socket sizes while I'm at it? :rlaugh: I thought me putting "for example" would suffice...but I guess not...lol.

    Open to the air...not being obstructed...good enough? :rlaugh:

    Yes, the hammer is the best tool to remove a spark plug...forget the nails.

    Again how do you post it...I have been meaning to get some driving videos on the net to of my car...so this would be good practice. Tell all...

    Let me post it again, "How am I responding nonsense? If it was nonsense...how could you respond back with answers/questions? Answer me that Mr. Riddler"


    Losing control?

    Wow...I didnt know I was that respected... :nice:

    Wow...bias 2...lol.

    I really am a newb...look at my time here and all the other boards/clubs I'm in...bummer...I'm going to go quit???

    Yep! :shrug:

    Having trouble?

    Losing control?

    "Again the name calling, losing control again?"

    Will do...

    Bummer...I was really thinking I was getting better...I love your dry wit. So I am getting better :hail2:

    No kidding...those metro's are mean :(

    That is horrible...I really thought I knew how to change an air filter or atleast install a cam and degree it right????

    Exploit away...I never stop...many on here know that. 'Don't stop till the lock' is my phrase...

    Hey, how is your '86 doing?
  20. You still gain power...there were dynos done for those and they gained like 10rwhp across the board for both of those...unneeded drag on the engine removed. You get bigger numbers across the board. Not peaked.