I Was the Victim of a Hit & Run in the 91 Stang...

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  1. So I walk out of the house to go to my 2:30 class. I walk up to my car and the tail light is broke out, rear fender is cratered, wheel well is dented in, rear tire is punctured, side trim is ripped off, and there is a path of scrathes clear to the metal in a 2 foot wide path from the back of the car to the middle of the door :mad:

    So I look for tracks in the snow...don't really see anything helpful. I then go door to door asking the neighbors if they saw what happened. No luck. I then call the cops. They come by and basically say "good luck". :bang:

    So I call the city to ask whe plows my road because there is yellow paing on my car (sounded like a good color for a plow to me). Come to find out the city plow is a white salt truck with a black blade. No luck there. So an hour later one of the neighbors comes by my house because someone in his house saw what happened.

    I guess an individual in a blue tahoe/suburban with a yellow plow on the front decide to plow my street. Well when he was backing down the street (dead end road) he clipped my car, stopped, looked at it, got back in, and drove off :madbig: The neighbor was scooping his sidewalk and saw it happen (didn't know he actually hit my car at the time so he didn't get a tag # or anything). So I called the cops back so they could get the statement from the neighbor and I haven't heard anything else.

    I only have liability so it's coming out of my pocket if I don't find the asswipe that did this :fuss:

    Pics are in the album here: http://www.turboford.org/cgi-bin/album.pl?album=00002190

  2. Damn!! :eek: I am sorry to hear that man. I hope you find the SOB that did that. Give him a nice big kick in the nuts and make him regret ever being a good Samaritan.
  3. Finding a Tahoe with a blade can't be too hard. Even if they did take it off by now.
  4. he probably said this car has a fancy paint job. its going to be $$ to fix so he left. ****ing scumbag
  5. Well, I wish I was in my hometown...I would have known who it was since there are only 800 in the town. Since I'm at college there are about 20k college students and another 20k full time residents in this town. I'm pretty confident I'll find them but I don't know how long it will take.

    If I don't hear anything in the next few days I'll contact both newspapers, the local news, put up flyers all over town, etc. I'll even give a $100 reward for info leading to their arrest.

  6. That sucks!!!! I like your car :( Find them, and sue....
  7. :notnice: Part of the reason i got a car alarm is becuase my car is always parked on the street, and if it was clipped it would go off and i would know. People that do that piss me off, my girlfriends had has been Bumped once, and intentionally vandalized on the school lots. People have no shame.

  8. damn man, i'm really sorry to hear about that. its a shame when bad things happen to good people :notnice:. i hope ya find the person that did the damage and get that beauty fixed. good luck with the search and keep us posted.
  9. That sucks man. But I would think he must live pretty close to you. I mean to people just drive around plowing streets blocks away from there house for fun or what?
  10. Dude that BLOWS bad :fuss:

    If it was me I would go ahead and run the ads now.

    This kinda stuff pisses me off bad, I once backed into a expadtion with our tahoe at a resturant and I went in and found the guy and told him. I was scard, but I know I would want someone to do it for me. The guy was cool about it and said it wasn't no worse than what his goats does to it and said don't worry about it.

    Good Luck and if you see the guy; :flame::chair:
  11. Well, I drove around my whole housing complex/neighborhood tonight as well as a huge trailer park down the road...even hit the ritzy houses down the road. No luck so far. I'll hit the main town tomorrow night.

  12. I really hate to hear that, man.. good luck on finding the scumbag!
  13. My beater's front bumper is trashed from my college parking lot. Spider cracks all over, a big 8-9" split on one side... the liscense plate's mangled too. Good luck finding the perp. Should be easier than it is in a city of 2 million.

    And are those snow tires? The rubber people here drive on make those look like swamp tires, hehe.
  15. Yes, those are my 225-60-14's I used for the winter in place of my 17's.

  16. :( Oh this happened in Manhattan, i thought it might have been Wilson.
  17. I feel your pain.

    I had someone break into my garage back when I had finished my 79 Capri Turbo RS with 302 and take a pruning shears to all the hoses and wiring under dash and break out my drivers side window and knock mirrors off. And I came out of classes to find someone had keyed the whole side of my 93 Capri XR2.

    That sucks, especially since you have such a nice Mustang.
  18. Stinger I'm real sorry to hear that. Don't quit til it's resolved. :mad:
  19. Man! Doesn't look to bad initially til you look at all the pictures! Good grief! That's a lot of work to repair. How do you guys stand that weather? Good nite!

    I bid you guys, graduate and move south.
  20. I really wouldn't be shocked if they don't total it out. I bet the insurance value on it is probably only 1800 bucks or something. Most shops will look at the 3 color paint and start freaking out and jack the price way up. Of course, none of this matters if I don't find the bastard to file on his insurance

    Yes, the weather is bad. That was our 9-11" of snow we just got...now last night we got 5 more and it's still snowing :nonono: I'm supposed to go to class 80 miles away today too.