I Was the Victim of a Hit & Run in the 91 Stang...

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  1. Damn that sux man, Find the basterd, and make sure the cops throw the book at him.

    I remember one time, a few years ago, my Dad had picked me up from work one night, we were makeing a left turn, and this woman blew the stop light and hit us on the front passenger fender, my dad went through the intersection and pulled over, fuggin sl*t took off, I'll tell ya, you aint never seen a Cadi Sedan Devel flip a bi*ch and hit 90mph so freekin fast.... :jaw:
  2. Wow that's terrible man. :( :nonono: :mad: Some people just make ya wonder...It's one thing to seriously ***** someone's car up, but it puts you on a totally different level of scumbag-ness if you take off. :mad: :mad:

    I hope you find that jerkface and give him a good swift kick. You're a pretty big scary guy aren't you? ;)
  3. You should go to the town and see if they can tell you who does private plowing on the street where your car got hit. Or ask around to find out who's driveway the Suburban plowed before they hit your car.
  4. 5'6" and 140lbs... :lol:

    The city doesn't know of anyone doing private plowing...

    I drove around my neighborhood and saw no driveways that looked like they were plowed by him. I'm going to make up a flyer and put one in each houses mailbox tomorrow.

  5. You flirt!
  6. Damn GM drivers..that kinda crap really gets me mad. On tuesday I noticed a dent on my '88 that I haven't seen before, i looked at it and there was scratches from a tire all the way accrossed the 1/4 pannel and left a dent right below the 1/4 glass...Still don't know what happend....
  7. I saw your post on TF before this one, but ya that its no bueno. I think your idea of running a reward add is a great idea though, with the details that you have (try to get your nieghbor to give u any an all details describing the driver and vehicle) hit and run is a felony, i wouldnt be looking for this jerkface to turn himself in (wich at this point would be a good idea for him), u need an add that describes what vehicle, general info on the guy , time and its STINKN BURBAN WITH A YELLOW SNOW PLOW, in bold of course ;) hope you get things resolved!

    ps:and yet another reason not to store your treasures on earth, where moth and rust corrupt or theives can steal...or burbans do hit and runs on....(the new living translation, sorta :nice: )
  8. Good deal, I got the local paper to run an article about my crash in the Sunday paper...I'll have to pick one up. The campus paper may run one as well.
  9. Try going to the shops in town that sell plows and hydraulics and the likes, maybe you can get a lead there.
  10. Tomorrow!!! Dude get those flyers made and post them. I had something like that happen to me, and my insurance company only gave me 1 week to find them. Never did, Had to pay otta MY POCKET! Any how hope you find him, when you do string him up by the head of his penis, And sit the hair on his chicken nut's on fire! Good luck.
  11. I feel ya man,, hate to hear others getting there cars messed with.

    Got my car back the other day, some guy thought it would be nice to take it for a ride and rob a bunch of stores with it. Just got all my stuff kinda fixed.
  12. Well, I'm starting to lose hope that I'll find the bastard...already been looking into how much it's going to cost ME to fix it. I'll probably just paint the whole car since there are some minor rust spots on a few wheel wells (not the one that got hit) and other blemishes that I might as well repair while I'm sanding it down.

    So now I have to ask myself if I redo the current paint scheme or if I go for something new? On the other hand how much time should you spend painting a daily driver that's gonna get rock chips, door dings, and potentially keyed (it already happened once).

  13. I'm stuck with that same dilemma, should I or shouldn't I paint my car.
    Well if they catch the dude that screwed my car up, I might make him repaint it also.

    Just put a new steering column in and new ignition cylinder. Fixed my door locks also.

    But he took the car off road and have photos of him leaving the car in the parking lot of Target.

    Offroad like a pile of mud, grass, rocks and Twigs all under it. had to pull some sticks outa the front.. ahh and all the scratches all down the side really pissed me off.

    but I just got plates for it again, so I can drive it once again.

    Time to get a club and a kill switch or something installed. :lock: