40th Anniv I will be the first....

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by rpayne20, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. Since i am the 1st owner of a 40th to post here i welcome all other 40th owners to this new topic. I hope good things and good information is passed along here.......
  2. Hey thanks, I also have a 04 Crimson GT. You can see mine by clicking the link at the bottom of my Sig.
  3. awesome looking car in crimson. i wish i could afford to buy one and just put it away in dry storage and keep driving my comp. orange mach1. imo, these annv. cars look absolutely great with the stripes removed. i get the feeling that these cars will fall in to the same catagory as say, the 90' 7-up mustangs, that is, a unique, cool car, that most people (general public), don't even know exists. at the dealer i work at, we just sold one and the customer had to have a rear spoiler added to it. yuk! take care of that one, and beat on it as nicely as you can.
  4. As the owner of Metallic Gray 40th anniversary GT I'd have to say your correct, there is just something special about it. Of course all Mustangs are special to people like us, but I like my '04 :nice:
  5. Here's my White 40th anniversary GT! Just bought her yesterday!



  6. I got my '04 Dark Shadow GT in March. Just noticed that there was a forum for the 40th anniv! :nice:

  7. Thanks for the pic......1st one i have seen in Oxford White. I saw a black one a month or 2 ago but that has been it. :rolleyes: