I will never be done with my car.

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  1. I'm getting discouraged. There is so much my 68 coupe still needs but life is getting in the way. I just don't have money. It seems like all these bad things are happening at once, while my poor Mustang just sits there.:(
  2. It happens to everyone man. Hang in there.
  3. i know exactly how you feel. i have two projects that are languashing because i have little money to do anything on them. hang in there and buy parts, or do something to the car every so often to keep things going.
  4. dude it took me 23 years to get mine restored, evetually it'll happen just keep plugging awat at it and and drive it as often as you can
  5. Im right there, but you know what can help a little bit? buy something for it (doesnt have to be pricey or anything) and it might encourage you to work on it more.
  6. by the way, you are never done with your car.
  7. Thanks guys. It doesn't seem like much but your replies make me feel a lot better. I guess I should just be happy that its in good enough shape that I can drive it whenever I get the urge. I changed the oil on it (and the 04) this morning and while the oil was draining I gave the engine bay a quick spring clean up. I'm off this weekend so I plan on driving it a lot today and tomorrow.

    Still needs lots of bodywork, paint, all weatherstripping, and could use aluminum heads and a healthy cam though.
  8. geez, you mean the car is totally driveable? hell dude, my car was down for the count for a 10+ year restoration and you're complaining? :rlaugh: seriously, though, you've got a lot better than many of us of have had it
  9. This is 68Stang351 btw at a friends house, I forget my SN password!:nonono:

    Well, dammit, I've never had a reliability problem with this car until I decided to drive it all weekend. I filled it up, then got a mile down the road and it started running crappy. It won't stay started. Then my dad tells me that the last time it rained that water was up above the lids to the fuel storage tanks that I got gas from.:mad: Now I have to change my filter and drain my gas, and I can't drive my car!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: This doesn't help me any at all!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  10. hang in there! i've had my 66 project coupe for almost 4 years now and i hope to have to where i can at least drive it by the fall of this year. so i know how it can be so frustrating.
  11. I got it figured out. I had some water in my gas. I drained out about 28$ of gas and replaced it with gas from another store and changed the fuel filter and it is just fine now.
  12. :( I'm in the same boat! I've had my car for almost five years now and still can't drive it. The interior is cutted out, as of today there's not even a mastercylinder installed to have any brakes, the carb leaks fuel everywhere when you start it up,the trans won't even shift into any gear it's stuck in neutral atleast and the list continues to grow:mad: :mad: :shrug:
  13. dang, you guys have it bad.

    I just started mine last weekend after having the motor and trans out for 6 months and I thought I was discouraged!

    My car is literally one step forward two steps back.
  14. I tried to do my restoration in weekend projects to minimize the downtime and keep momentum. Worked pretty good. The hardest part was 8 months in paint! It was sweet to take that first drive after getting her back together :nice:

    Hang in there and keep driving and you'll be fine. You can do little projects that cost little or no money until you have the ca$h to spend on her.
  15. I kept a journal on my fastback project. It started out to be a 6-month-something-to-do-in-the-winter thing. I started on November 24th, 2002. No, it's not done. Hang in there, we'll both get 'em done in time.
  16. Well I finally got another master cylinder for my car this morning, hopefully get it in tonight then have to find a new hardline going to the rear axle,pull the right front wheel apart and readjust everything, then try to re-bleed the brakes and hopefully I can finally be able to start the car and take it for a slow roll around the block, that is after I bolt my driver seat back in.
  17. Yeah, hang in there 68! In in more or less the same boat as you. Many things still needed to do to my car (interior, T5z, more suspension tweaking, some body work and new paint, etc...) but it looks pretty good as is and it's drivable. I'm trying to do anything I can to keep it drivable while I upgrade because it drives me crazy if I can't drive it!

    Very slow process right now due to $$ or lack of it. Next step is my trans but that will probably run me about $2500 - $3K which is not in the forseeable budget. Oh well.:(
  18. I'm mainly upset about the exterior. I'm done with the interior except the headliner. I'm satisfied with my interior, engine bay, and trunk. But I need new weatherstripping. Until I get a ton of money for paint and bodywork, I have to drive it around looking like this:

  19. I hear ya… I won't be driving mine for a very long time. Life does get in the way sometimes, we just bought a house and are getting married in August so money is tight. I have only ever seen my car a total of three times, and it is in storage until the move is all done. I won't have the money to work on it this year at all, but I will have some time to just soak it all in, realize that I finally achieved a dream and figure out where to go from here. It takes a lot of time, money and patience.

    Don't worry, you'll get there.

    Go enjoy that old car smell :p
  20. my 95 stang was down for 2 years. i just got it back on the road again. still needs paint, carpet, new leather on the seats, the steering wheel is wobbly, the front end rattles, it needs an alignment, the radio only works sometimes, the key acts weird, ...

    i just got my fairlane back from the paint shop. it was there almost 6 months. now i have to do seats, carpet, trim, ...

    this hobby of ours is perpetual.

    keep plugging away. at least you can drive it.