I will never be done with my car.

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  1. Yesterday evening I found a coil spring compressor at harbor freight for $12 and got the coils pulled out last night. Still waiting for new spring perches to get here, not scheduled for delivery by FEDex till WED.

    Anyone have any reccomendations about the upper control arms, should I rebuild them or just buy some new ones??
  2. i think one of our finest just posted a thread about the rebulding of said upper arms.....

    I'd go that way if i were you, it didn't seem any too complicated...plus...you get to DIY!!!!
  3. ya, I was looking at them today and it doesn't look like it'd be to difficult to rebuild them if the rust that's on them hasn't ate thru them like it did the front bumper mounting brackets.
  4. I surely hope I'm not the only one doing anything with their pony's!! I just checked and my coil spring perches are in town signed out to the delivery truck. Hopefully they'll get here soon so I can get my new coils/shocks tossed on as well as the new sway bar and lower the pony back to all fours to see how the new stance looks.
  5. Got my spring perches installed this afternoon as well as the front sway bar maybe tommorrow I'll get the coils installed
  6. the new coil springs are in as well as the front shocks. Now I need to get the u-joints replaced in the driveline so I can reinstall it then bleed the brakes and fix my shifter and maybe I can roll around for alittle while till I get the money to replace uca's and lca's along with rest of steering system.
  7. I know what it feels like to seem like it never ends. I started using a '67 Convertible as my daily driver last year; the car had been restored already by my Dad and I, and has won many shows, but I have had a lot of teething problems I didn't have on the '68 I drove in high school. Some were related to sitting for three years before we got around to getting it street legal in TX, others might have been related to a convertible's poor structural integrity. In any case, I feel like I'm restoring the car all over again. Just keep the faith and stay proud of what you have...you'll have your ups and downs, but the car will always be a hoot to drive :)
  8. i agree with you. I'm having alot more problems with this car than I did with any of the one's I had in high school...but I wasn't married with a kid and maintaining a household plus two other vehicles either. Right now the colder weather and lack of time is hurting me more than the money side is.

    I still need to get new u-joints installed on the driveline, attach brake pedal to the mastercylinder, bleed the brakes, then see if it will still start and run, it's been a few months since i started it up.

    My new sig below shows car with the new suspension installed, actually sits higher now, gives more room for a wider tire on the rear though, front not sure about yet i might have to cut the coils to allow it to drop some more.
  9. looks good!! :nice:

    it doesn't look so much like a cobbled together pile of parts on a trailer anymore! :rlaugh:

  10. Depends on your definition of pile of parts :rlaugh: However the pile of stuff in the storage building has grown though.:notnice: