I won a free Stage 5 port from Steigemeier, wooooohoooooooo.

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  1. First I would like to thank Bob for doing this contest especially in this economy where times are tough financially for everyone. I never thought that I would win when I entered into this competition. I had a friend the week prior that had won a Wii and when I told him about the competition he said, “What would you have to lose by entering?” I told him he was right and I would do it.
    I made contact with Bob today and we talked about what I had won and my plans for the car. I told him I was looking to run 10’s in the ¼ and that I wanted a reliable daily driver. He told me that was no issue especially with the SnakeBiteTM kit. We discussed various options and prices and everything seems very reasonable when comparing against the cost of a new supercharger and needed components.
    My car has not been dyno’d to my knowledge as I am the second owner of the car. The car is completely stock and I have checked every bolt and nut of easy bolt on modification to see if any had been done and I can find no evidence of it anywhere. I am going to schedule a dyno visit this week with MC Racing to lay down the stock numbers and after the port will have it dyno’d again to see the results of Bob’s hard work and dedication to the art of performance modding.
    As for the rest of what Bob and I talked about in reference to the mods that I am looking at you will have to keep checking back for the updates. I am in the military and right now, I am in and out of town quite frequently each month at least until late summer. I will be getting the work done in between trips as the most that I will be back home will be for a couple to four days at a time. Anyone looking for a job, look at the military as there is no shortage of work here.
    Once again, I would like to thank Bob for putting on this competition and being such a devoted member of the car hobby community. I know that this is his job, but even so, if he did not like doing it he would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. See you Friday Bob.
  2. All right today was a very good day. I took the car down to MC Racing to get a base dyno run so I can track the gains of the mods that I put on it.
    The first mod will be as you all know the Stage 5 port of the supercharger, throttle body, and plenum. So how did the dyno run go? This beast pulled hard and showed that there is a lot of potential in her. After driving thirteen miles to the dyno shop, she went straight on the dyno and pulled 469.78rwhp and 457.43rwtq.
    The second run was run about three minutes after the first one as we all stood around in amazement of the numbers on a completely stock car. One of the guys (Tommy) that works at the shop has a GT500 also and was astonished at what he saw. The second pull backed up the first one with 464.16rwhp and 452.71.
    The third pull was after a thirty minute cool down and changed out the stock plugs for some NGK’s. With the spark plug gap’d at .032 the car pulled 456.07rwhp and 448.12rwtq. The lesson here is to leave the gap at stock set of .044. However, I did notice something interesting on the way home. While driving on the interstate I registered 30mpg, wow…., and if you notice that we did not change the tune when the plugs was gap’d to .032 and it leaned it out a bit. I got home and reset the gap back to .044.
    Now I really cannot wait until Friday to get the port on the supercharger and then go back on Saturday for a re-run on the dyno. Stay tuned for outcome.

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  3. Nice - waiting for Saturday's results... :cheers:
  4. Sorry, for the delay with giving an update on the Stage 5 port. Ok, what work did we get done? Well the supercharger received a Stage 5 port, the throttle body and elbow both received a Stage 2 port. After driving four hours there and another four hours back to the house do you think I was going to install it then or wait. Hell yea I installed it right after I arrived. Reinstalled everything and fired that puppy up. No check engine light nor did it throw any codes. I let it warm up for about twenty minutes and then took it for a spin. Oh yea, the port job works just fine and the sound of the supercharger singing even at idle is music to the ears. When I would get on it, traction was lost immediately. I do not know how much power it added just yet, but I am pleased. Now for the bad news, I have to go out of town and will not be back for about three weeks in which I can get it dyno’d. When I get back from the trip I will have three days before my next one and I will get it dyno’d the and post the results. I would have gotten it dyno’d yesterday if it weren’t for an issue with my other car that I had to get repaired.
    Thanks Steggy a million times for this opportunity.