I6-289 Transmission?

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  1. We have the parts car we will transfer over. While you guys are being so helpful any idea what kind of carburetor we should get? We have a Weiand stealth intake on it at the monent. The carb we have is going to need a spacer to fit on that intake without hitting but we are running out of height room under the hood
  2. i like the edelbrock 600cfm performer carb. it bolts on without a spacer if you wish.
  3. I found it. I like it. What kind of difference would a spacer make if we decided to use it? I heard a stock exhaust (which is our current setup) can't be good for all of our upgrades?
  4. a spacer can add a little power in some cases, and in others it can shift the power band up or down a bit on the rpm scale. the only way to know for sure is testing, a lot of testing.

    the stock exhaust is a choke point, but will do for now. you can upgrade to dual exhaust and headers later on.
  5. alright thank you.everything I need to know
  6. I did basically everything you suggested. Bought an edelbrock 600 carb and got the hookup on a inline 6 to v8 bell housing for $30. It a worked out amazing. Car runs great. Still some new issues but thanks for everything!