Brakes I6 Cars With Stock 13" Or 14" Wheels And Disc Brakes

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  1. I6 mustang and and similar spindles. Before there were no kits on the market that would fit stock 13" rims for the 6cyls. Well now there is i have made a disc conversion that will fit in stock 13" and up 4 lug wheels. This consists of a new hub that has been specifically machined to be a slip fit in the rotor. And a custom Cnc machined caliper bracket as well. This kit doesn't Change track width and there is no need to re align your car either. I have also made a new 5 lug conversion hub that will fit on 6 cyl 64 1/2-66 mustang that converts to five lug this is awesome for the stock 6cyl guys that want more rim choices or for the people who are changing to a 289 or similar v8 that need to convert to five lugs how ever if its gonna be a horse power monster I'd suggest sourcing v8 spindles. But before I put these kits on the market I thought I'd see how many I you here would like this.
  2. pics, please.
  3. Here's a link to some preliminary photos haven't had a bunch of the new hubs machined out yet I'm was gonna see if anyone here would like a disc set up for 13" and 14" here's the link

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  4. Anyone interested in a four lug disc swap
  5. you will have to beat some prices on other kits first, including the scarebird kit.
  6. I already do have them beat mine fits stock i6 13" wheels there's does not! Mine fits stock 14" wheels theirs does not. Theirs fits only wheels with a certain offset. Because it doesnt clear the stock steelies with small center cap.
  7. while you are right about kits not fitting 13" wheels, i have two sites that have brake kits that DO fit the stock 14" wheels, and for the six they come in four or five lug, and there is even an option for four wheel disc brakes, four or five lug; page 92 1964 - 1966 Disc Brake Conv Kit - 6 Cyl - 5 Lug.aspx five lug 1964 - 1966 Mustang Disc Brake Conv Kit - 6 Cyl.aspx four lug
  8. I also have made kits like these I make a kit that converts stock four lug spindle to a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern and has a hub od that will fit stock 94-04 mustang v6-gt rotors to fit stock 14"+ size rims. That same hub will also fit my cobra rotor caliper setup my 2010 crown vic 05-09 v6 mustang or gt and my 09-present gt and v6 kit. For v8 I have a kit that uses ranger rotors 10.28" diameter the reason for this is to fit custom hot rods as this set up I made will fit many it uses a 95 ranger 4wd caliper with dual 48mm pistons. I also make one that uses stock mustang and other ford rotors specific to year just use rotor for the disc option car you have then bolt on ranger caliper with my bracket and poof done. I have a 2010 crown vic rotor and caliper set up that fits 16" plus rims ( haven't yet tested fitment in 15") awesome set up uses dual 45mm pistons. I also make the ever so popular cobra set up with optional new hub that takes away the need for a spacer to use newer rims because if has their specific offset. I also make the gt-v6 05-present mustang conversion brackets. All of these with very competitive prices
  9. thats nice, but can you beat the prices of the kits i listed, or any of the other kits that are available? and that includes the scarebird bracket kits.
  10. Easily I should be able to beat prices. I need to double check on the i6 13" and 14" kit but I mainly wanted to see who here would be interested in the kit. It already beats scare birds kit from the beginning because you have to by new 14" rims it doesn't fit stock 14". And if you only have 13" you'll have to get new tires as well. So I've already beat that price. The kits I can beat them as well rotors for 13" kit come in at $12 ea calipers are 29 with brackets hoses 6 ea my brackets 200 plus hub then all else is the dual master cylinder and proportioning valve.
  11. I saw a I-6 Mustang at a car show I was in Saturday with 14 inch wheels and stock disk brakes. It was the only one I`d ever seen, but based on the stock v-8 ones I`ve seen, I do think they were factory equipped. I did the granada swap and they are going in the trash first chance I get to get something real up front.
  12. If I was you depending on the wheel size your leaning to. Seance the granada brakes aren't up to par with you then you might try my 2010 crown vic set up uses 12" rotors matching dual 45 mm calipers and my brackets. Source some v8 spindles with drums and press out the hub and studs press in new sn95 rear studs new bearings and seals and machine down the hub 1/8" only needed sometimes due to casting variances. With these brakes you'll be amazed on the stopping power gain. I'm also working on the brackets to mount these and other rotors to granada and mustang disc spindles.
  13. ford never put disc brakes on six cylinder falcons or mustangs. in fact compact cars with six cylinder engines didnt get disc brakes until ford switched everything over to five bolt wheels in like 1974. and by the way pintos were sub compact cars.
  14. I agree with rbohm ford never installed an i6 with discs. But I do make a conversion to put discs on and I6 and is a very economical way to do so
  15. I was apparently misinformed at the car show, sorry guys.
  16. Not a big deal why's the forum here it's to learn about the cars we all love
  17. I do have a very weird situation on my car, let me explain. It`s a factory 6 cyl car ( T code) with a 5 lug V-8 suspension. The rear end tag and the transmission tags match completely, however, other than the 5 lug suspension, it has the 6 cyl front end parts, all the way from tie rods to the steering box, which is pretty weird, being as they did not make sprint editions until 66. I`m wondering if my 5 lug spindles that were attached to the I-6 tie rods are the same as the V-8 spindles? Would the tie rod hole be the only difference if there was a difference?

    Is there a casting number on the spindle I can look for to find this out?

    This has actually been bugging me for 8 years.
  18. The spindles your speaking of are on your 65? Do you have pictures? Because what could've been done is use any where from 67-69 6cyl spindle on your car . They are the same spindle as v8 but use 6cyl hub aka 4 lug pattern. There for anyone with these can switch the drum out for a v8 five lug drum easily
  19. View attachment 83668 This picture shows early model 6cyl spindle on left v8 style 65-69 middle and disc spindle similar for granada and 68 up mustang disc spindle on right.