Brakes I6 Cars With Stock 13" Or 14" Wheels And Disc Brakes

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  1. Mine look just like the V8 one you have pictured, but the tie rod hole seems pretty small. Do you have a casting number on the V-8 drum spindle? I am sick of the granada setup, my car drives like crap, and it should not, I got a lot of money tied up in the front end trying to make it drive better.
  2. I can go out and check mine see if I can see what mine say. I have a few set ups from dif years some 65s say C5DA-3107-B" & C5DA-3108-B there maybe earlier stamps to
  3. Found this on chockostangs site hope helps

    The 65 66 (64 If you will), Mustangs were all C5DA Spindles, with a FEW Exceptions having C4ZA Spindles-Same Spindle, different numbers.

    ALL 64-67V8 Spindles, Disc, or Drum were the same, [color View attachment 124555 range]NO DIFFERENCE[/color]. Only Difference was the hardware used to attach the Calipers, Versus Attach the Drum Backing Plates. All V8 Spindles were the same from 64-69. Aka small bearing 70-73 are known as big bearing spindle

    Hope this helps.

  4. I'll have to pressure wash mine tomorrow as the grease on them is older then I am, bright side, the are not rusty hehe
  5. Let me know any we can figure out what your spindle are from
  6. Do you have pictures
  7. I find this post interesting. These are pics of my 64 Falcon hub with 1995 Geo Metro Brake rotors that can be used with 1990 Ford Festiva Caliper that would fit a 13" wheels that I posted here at the link below !!!

  8. Correct those were your photos for the main rotor but I have machined new hubs that have a thicker flange on them due to being so thin on the od. But after doing this I scrapped the idea. Mine also uses the matching geo caliper
  9. How do the little discs hold up, and is n't a bigger break worth a bigger wheel too?

    I wonder about any disc that fits under a 13" wheel. Are they going to be any better than fresh drums? Another other old, little car disc brake conversion uses Dodge Omni parts. Neither of these were performance vehicles. I would be afraid the little discs would fade as badly as the drums. After all, the Fox body Mustangs have bigger breaks and they are getting upgraded regularly.
  10. It's all about mechanical advantage. Have you ever seen sixties Cadillac front drums and disk conversion kits? The disk brakes are about 2/3 the side of the drums. The Geo Metro's rotor is about same size of the Falcon's drums.

  11. A Caddy to sporty econobox brake comparison may not be fair. I still have concerns over warping and overheating Geo brake parts. Now Caddy size drum brakes on a Falcon based car is interesting. Those drums and some of the big Buick drums may be 13". Just mount the tires directly to the drums????
  12. You missed the point.

    I am not comparing Cadillac drums to Falcon. What I am saying is that a smaller disk brakes will have more stopping power than a larger drum.

  13. No, it seems because of my good humor you miss my point. Installing econobox, tiny brakes is a waste of time, money, and a chance to really improve the performance and safety of your vintage car. For those reasons, When I upgrade my vintage drums, I will not use a disc that fits less than a 15" wheel. If you are stuck on the 13" steelies and donuts, I see no reason to bother with upgrading the breaks either. The tires, wheels and breaks both need an upgrade. But it is your neck and car.