i6 to v8 swap wtb

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  1. in over my head, but the spirit is there? want to convert my 66 i6 to a v8 car with front disc brake, have a toploader and rear end already.. any help or advice appreciated, have any front suspension parts for sale??
  2. I have researched this a lot and am in the process of the same conversion. There is a sticky about this, but quickly here is a brief rundown:

    8" Rear, Leaf Springs, 5 Lug Wheels for rear, bastard u-joint, shocks

    If your car is an auto, you'll need a good rebuild with extra clutch packs & V8 bellhousing

    Disc brake conversion:
    You can use V8 spindles or granada spindles you can get the kits or necessary parts from discbrakeswap.com, scarebird, opentracker racing products, + 5 lug front wheels

    Front end steering components:
    You'll need idler arm, pitman arm, center link, tie rods

    Front Suspension:
    Springs, shocks

    Lastly, you'll need gas pedal, motor mounts, and V8
  3. I-6 to V-8

    I did this swap of a sort. The previous guy was correct. In addition you should also upgrade the front springs and replace all bushings. While you are at it, I dont know if you had power steering, but you could also upgrade the steering with a power steering gearbox and the Shelby pitman rod. This would quicken your steering "old school". If it were me, and if you can find one, you could do as I did and find a 9" rear from a 57 Fairlane. This was the narrowest 9" Ford made and the spring mounts are in the right place. In addition if are really lucky as I was, t should come out of a Station Wagon. This will give you the larger rear Drums (same as "R" model Shelbys). Who needs rear discs, LOL. By the way, I did all the I-6 to V-8 mods on my old 65 and kept the 6. Went from a 200 to the 250, allowing me to run all the V-8 drive train. My 250 made 387 bhp. Now if you wanted to go this route for a difference, I am the one to ask. Good Luck with your project.
Thread Status:
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