IAC restrictor plate installed!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by R.J., Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Got mine in today, looks awesome! Can't wait to get it on. Thanks bro! :cool:
  2. installed plate today.......results!

    Just wanted to thank you again for the plate R.J., it really did wonders curing my idle issues. Some back story.......

    I have a 94 GT auto vert. My symptoms included a crazy high cold idle (Something like 1300 rpm) and an even worse hot idle (Closer to 1700rpm). I had a CEL with the codes reading TPS voltage out of range and insufficient EGR flow. In addition, I was having a really hard time getting my car to stay put at stop signs and red lights. I would literally have to stand on the break pedal to keep her in place; This was due to my idle being at about 1000rpm in drive!

    So anyhow, I rec'd and installed the plate today in less than five minutes.........fired the car, adjusted the set screw on the throttle body and :D

    My car now idles rock solid and 900rpm hot or cold, the CEL hasn't come back since (I still need to pull codes to confirm) and needless to say it is much easier to keep anchored at stoplights, signs etc. Also, the rpms do not hang for 15 seconds when coming to a stop anymore. They drop back down immediately.

    If anyone is having issues with high idle etc like I was I would highly recommend looking into installing one of these plates. Thanks again R.J. :nice: :hail2:

    94 GT Auto Vert
    Cobra intake, BBK 70mm TB, Homemade CAI, Granatelli MAF, BBK underdrives, MSD 6A ignition/wires/coil, BBK O/R H, 2 chamber flows, 4.10's, walbro 190 pump, 14* timing, Fluidyne raditiator, fan switch mod, rebuilt auto with shift kit, and some other stuff I'm sure I forgot
  3. Has every body (1-11) received the plates?
  4. Just got mine today!

    Thanks alot RJ, I really do appreciate it.

    It's going to be a few weeks before it's installed but I'll post a full review.
  5. I got mine. Installed it the other day, made my hanging idle worse. :scratch: WTF?
  6. did you put in on upside down....? no offense just asking.... :shrug:

  7. lol, probably. It fit both ways, so I just put it on. Which was is it supposed to go? Small hole towards the top or bottom?
  8. I used my Tweecer and the bypass screw on the tb to deal with this so I don't have a need for a plate on my car.

    This thread is no different to other threads that focus on changing the amount of fuel or spark with our cars.

    You can make these changes mechanically or with pcm value manipulation.

    Both methods may require some playing around with whatever adjustments are available with the method chosen until one achieves the desired results.

    Neither method is right or wrong :D
    The pcm adjustment thing is a bit more costly :rlaugh:

  9. cman.......... if i interpreted everything right, the small hole goes on the bottom.

  10. i got mine and just got back from school , i will try and put it on today thanks again rj.
  11. If you make more let me know.....
  12. :stupid:
  13. how hard was it to make? ill probably tackle it myself
  14. Bottom? Are you running a Fox throttle body setup? (looks like it in your avatar, if that's your engine). My IAC valve, the two holes are front and rear, not passenger/driver, or top/bottom.

    I ended up taking it off for now. I cross threaded one of the bolts the other day, and it wasn't tight all the way. That's probably what the problem was. But I didn't feel like messing with it for now.
  15. yeah my bad, i wasn't thinking...... but no i have the edelbrock with the elbow....

    sorry i steered you wrong..
    btw....i made one at work, seems to help a lot...I am trying to make one out of thick enough alum to tap it like steedas...we'll see..... thanks for the idea mr threadstarter---lol
  16. It's all good. I thought you were running a fox setup, I thought maybe the IAC valve was mounted different on it. :nice:
  17. I tried installing it both ways and it seemed to work best with the small hole aft. (toward the motor part of the iac)
  18. I had some more plates made and this is the last batch. I had 11 more made. I have had 8 people ask for one since I ran out of the first batch. The 8 people are:



    I have the address of the first 6 and they are getting one. The last two showed interest but have not given me their address. So out of the 11 plates, 6 are 100% taken. This means I have 5 to give to the NEXT five people to get me their address. Sorry #7&8. (I PM’d you)
    Has every body received theirs from the first batch?
  19. Seriously, top or bottom? lol, that's all I need to know! Small hole on top? Or small hole on bottom?

    I got mine by the way. Looks like some high quality metal work, thanks again!
  20. With the IAC removed, look inside the two holes. One hole is empty and the other has plastic fins in it. The little hole on the plate, goes over the plactic fins. At least thats how it worked on my car!!