IAC restrictor plate installed!

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  1. I installed mine, it works great rpms go up and down fast, at first it seemed the same as before then after about 30secs it started working fine like the computer was adjusting to it.
    Works great now Thanks R.J.
  2. Been busy getting ready to move, I'll try this week tho the peice looks great.
  3. Got it in! it helped my hanging idle alot! ty very much R.J. Now to adjust the TPS in this beast :D
  4. 95GTV8: I would first try to mechanically set your idle before messing with your TPS. The process is on the first page of this thread. just my.02
  5. Got mine and installed it today. Fixed the in between shift hanging, but coming to a stop, it still seems to hang. But I only drove it for a block or two. I'm sure the computer will get used to it, plus i need to mech. adjust my idle lower too. Its at about 900 now. That could be causing it.

  6. Did the same thing on my car but the computer slowly learns. The between shifts improvment was instant and I love it.
  7. After reading and thinking and Researching Ive decided to take the plunge!!

    Heres my story. Sitting around at work thinking i went ahead grabbed some material lying around Looked up on ebay for a picture and Went to Stangnet (R.J's) link to IAC found what size holes would work and went to town.. Now i dont no about most people but i took the IAC off the TB while still on the car What a !#@#$! for that bottom bolt but i mananged..Finally got it off did my masking and cutting 10 minutes later i had a IAC Restrictor!! now time for a new gasket i had some make it your self gasket so little pounding and Wa La!!

    Now putting this Some [email protected] back on took a min but finally got that bottom bolt to start and the rest was history!!

    Here comes the Outcome :nice: :nice: :D :D :SNSign: is all i can say.. It was a nite and day difference if shifting and deacceleration now this is how it should have came from out of the dealer.. But my ? is to R.J or anyone else that may have an idea is

    What is the Pro's and Con's of doing this? ex. Smog, Gas mileage, Rich or Lean, etc... I dont want to drive the street one day and nail this thing and it goes POW!!

    So R.J THANKS alot for all the help...
  8. My gas milage has stayed the same, if not gotten better. Rich/lean, I don't know for sure but the IAC does not do much when you in the gas so I don't think it matters. At idle you will be a little richer. Smog is the reason that people who are against or question this plate, do not like it. The main point is "Ford wanted the holes to be that size for a reason, so it much screw something up!" Now the smog testers are mainly concerned with NOX gas which is produced at highway speed, IAC not in use.
    The reason the plate on your IAC (an idle component), effects driving between shifts, is due to intake vac. When you let off the gas to shift, your intake wants to create vac. The plate restricts the amount of air coming in and less air helps vac. Same as down shifting, but with out the rpm increase.
  9. Basicly the IAC is a vac leak and you are just controling how much it leaks, and your intake likes that because vac is its friend.
  10. ok i think i have an idea but ill do a little more research on this IAC thing.. Now since my last post i have driven the car in Traffic:mad: :mad: sitting for over an hour and it was a blessing.. stop and go when idle hangs is a Bytch but now its a breeze take a little getting used 2 but i love it..

    Now about Gas im noticing a little difference as its not going down as fast but cant be sure till my next fill up.. And as for performance that cured alot i would say 99% of the lag i used to have now it peppy!!

    So this little plate makes a world of a difference who would have known!!!!!:nice: :nice:
  11. I installed mine about a week ago and I love the way it drives now. One problem though, when it is really cold outside and the car is cold it doesn't want to idle. I have to hold it at about 1000 rpm, but when it warms up it runs beautifully.
    Thanks R.J.
  12. Mine does the same thing, when it is REALLY cold. Try adjusting your idle up a little. Mine is at about 800-850 and it usually hags on to idle on its own. Try the mechanical idle setting on the first page of this thread. I did it after the plate and found that my throttle plate stop screw was 3 turns to high!!
  13. Has anyone tried this on a Vortech'd car?

    I missed the freebies, but would eBay one if someone reports that it works...
  14. I don't know about a S/C'd car but someone put it on a dyno tuned/chip'd car and it only made things better! Trust me and everyone else thats has one, for the money it is worth a try! If I had more I would give you one and you would have nothing to lose, but I don't so, all you have to lose is $15 on ebay.
  15. OR, PM CmanT1914 and see if he still wants his that I gave him, becasue I think that he is the only one that got bad results.
  16. well I have the same exact problem. When i stop and press the clutch in my
    idle goes to 1500. I hate I missed the free bees, I'm always the last to know
    is it because i'm in mphs:scratch: :doh: :doh:
  17. All I can say is buy the one on ebay, you will love the results!
  18. 10/4 I will give them a try. Thanks
  19. ah, noob question. how do i loosen/tighten the throttle plate stop screw.. mine has no head
  20. channel lock pliers