Expired Iam Moveing And Selling My 85 Mustang Gt Vert With 5spd Heads Intake Cam Carb

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  1. hello guys I am moveing to new area and cant take my toy with me its a 2 owener 85 4 eye mustang 5.0 with ca blue plates it has 15k miles 302 motor with forged pistons arp head studs edelbrock aluminum heads intake carb, holley blue fuel pump set up e303 cam bbk equal lenghth shortys off road hpipe with flowmaster pony wheels, car is all original includeing paint and body interior is decent for the year it still has factory radio 5spd stick car goes really good clean title in my name looking to get $3000 for it , I have twice that just in motor and performance parts if there is any interest let me know my number is 818 799-4124 I can be reached via text thanks what it will need is new paint job new top however it all good how it is depending on what you want to do with it it still has current tags and registration which will expire in couple of months

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