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  1. I saw this thread on IWSTI, but it was girls on STis. It turned out way good.

    1. Must have a mustang
    2. Must have a girl
    3. Any nudity post the link
  2. You can find so many by a google search. I think a better thread would be posting pics with girls posing with your mustang:flag:. Saying that I wish I had my digital camera with me.
  3. lol, i dont think i can talk my wife into taking ****ty pics with my car. the wife and the car dont get along well..............theres some jealousy!
  4. google ..girls mustangs

    find the moddedmustangs site and have fun :nice: :hail2:
  5. Once upon a time, the same idea was proposed.

    It was created, but it quickly deviated to just hawt chicks (which was fine) until a mustang owners wife stepped in to sprinkle cold holy water on our raging hormones.

    such is the story of TangNet.
  6. Any nudity posted in the forum, or a link may very well result in a 2 week ban, by the first mod who happens across it. I wouldn't recommend that one. :)
  7. I have the same problem with my GF! LMFAO :lol:
  8. Ahhh... Tangnet. The moderators nightmare. Right Sanford? :SNSign:
  9. Bewbies FTW! :hail2:
  10. My girl says I buy more things for the car then I do her.
  11. There's always photoshop LOL... See my sig... :)
  12. this thread is on SVTP i will see if i can find it....it shouldn't be too hard.

    ******EDIT: found it, HERE*******

  13. That thread was just... brutal...:eek:
  14. I try to find this on big wallpaper, any one know where I can find this pix in wallpaper ?


    btw SN95.come have alot alot nude pix with sn95 stang.
  15. how about just post a thread on who has the hottest Lady?

    Anybody can get a trash bag chick to hang her hoochie over a hood, but who actually owns one?

    Girls hanging their rearends and top ends over hoods of cars never does it for me. The two are exclusive to me. Look at hot girls, or nice cars, putting both together just looks like having a cheap stripper make her self look hot for her myspace page.
  16. you ready to post pics of your woman up?
  17. Have before.
  18. guess this qualifies :shrug: .. me in my car :) i'm not half naked but it'll have to do.

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