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  1. way more attractive because you actually DRIVE the car

  2. shes not my girl(if she was i would spend a lot of time behind her lol) but its a real tatto
  3. DAMN! That'll give an old man a heart attack! Pearl02.
  4. We have a Stang club here in KC. We had a meet at one of the local Hooter's resturant here a couple of yrs ago. The girls posed for free with the cars. I arrived later than what I wanted to. I did see plenty of pictures. It was very cool. Just an idea for a local meet in your area. Pearl02.
  5. Like this?

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  6. Yea. Nice photo. What parts are you from? Pearl02.
  7. Sorry about that, I'm from the Fayetteville NC area... Just updated my profile... :)
  8. LOL i started this damn thang. the ones on svtp and iwsti are both like 90 pages of girls on there cars. the point of this game is to find the hottest girl on the nicest mustang! And we all have fun voting on them lol
  9. Well if i could get my woman to pose on mine the game would be over and I'd be declared the All Mighty Winner:D:stick::banana: J/k, well the my car being the most badass, but my woman IS the Hottest:D
  10. These types of threads are fine. However, the first person to post a nip/boob/vag shot will be dealt with swiftly and SEVERELY. :D

    Carry on.
  11. I was just trying to get all teh guys here fired up to start posting:shrug::cheers:
  12. I dont Approve of anyone sitting on any mustang...Period
  14. No worries, I wasn't referring to you in particular, just to everyone who wants to participate in this thread. In the past, there's always been one person who decides to try and push the envelope and post nip/boob/vag pics.

    Again, carry on :)
  15. also, if any of you like chicks with tats / suicide girls on rat rods..... check this link on svtp out
  16. hey that one looks familiar....

    I had a whole set with that girl and various cars, i'll see if i can find it tomorrow.