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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mat82284, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. i just installed a 130amp alternator it works fine but when im at idle the alternator doesnt put out like it does when i hit the gas to about 900rpm how can i ajust it to make it idle higher up. also where would it be located in the car. i got a 1992 LX V8 5.0
  2. for one if you have underdrives , that will cause you a problem under 900 rpm.

    Two if you want to turn the idle up , just turn the screw on the back of the throttle body, its underneath it. Be sure to unplug your IACV before you go adjusting so you get a true baseline. Some recommend unhooking the battery afterwards, thats up to you.
  3. when you say unplug the IACV is that the wire connected to the throttle body. also do i leave the car on or off when ajusting? and you said disconnect the battery at the end do you mean remove it for like 1 min then install again or an hour?
  4. anyone else know?

  5. When you disconnect the battery for about 5-10 min. it resets the computer,try turning up your idle with car running then turn it off and pull your + line for 5-10 min then put it back and start it...see what happens,by the way im no expert.
  6. Its the selonoid on the side,faces front bumper, with the square connector. Do not unplug the TPS sensor on top of the throttle body, by the way that should be set at .9-.99. Use a DVOM(digital volt ohm meter) and back probe the middle wire of the TPS(green) and ground your black lead on the DVOM. You dont have to have the car running for that. Just KOEF(KEy on Engine Off).

    As far as battery I'd unhook it for about five mins. Others may argue longer. See what works best for you.