Idle issues

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  1. Ok guys, so I have an issue going on. I'm running tw 170 heads, 19's, trackheat intake. Im tuning using quarterhorse. Well it seems like my lambse numbers are staying around high 11's and low 12's at idle, and my kamfr is near 1.18. Well the car has a rough idle. I'm trying to find out what to do about this. Any help?
  2. a sig telling about all the various combo parts helps us form a reply
    that is gonna be half way close to something you can use :scratch:

  3. Something is not making sense with what you posted :scratch:

    Your L's command a fat mixture
    Your K's say adaptive is adding fuel

    :eek: :crazy: :eek:

    You'd think you would be seeing K's below 1.00 :)

  4. lambses below 14.6 go hand in hand with kamrfs above 1.0, don't they?

    seems to me it thinks it is lean and is trying to richen it up.

    what maf do you have? can you tweak the maf transfer curve?

    and what is your fuel pressure?
  5. As I see it

    He said he dl's L's in the 11's and low 12's which would be the pcm
    commanding a fat mixture ... would it not:shrug:

    Now if the pcm is commanding a fat mixture

    Would you not expect to see K's at a value of below 1.00 which
    means adaptive is trying to pull fuel

    If he was seeing L's which were lean you would expect to see K's
    above 1.00 cause adaptive is trying to add fuel to compensate
    for the lean mixture which is opposite of what is happening here

    anyhoo ... just a random thought :)

    The meter's curve could be outta whack at the idle points
    Other things could be hosing around with the idle as well :shrug:

  6. Check fuel pressure today actually. It was high, set it at 39 with vac pulled. It's just getting bad. I'm thinking my o2's are going out. They are original to the best of my knowledge on a 80k mile car.
  7. You can't be changing the fuel pressure or that will throw your
    tuning outta whack :bang:

    The best thing to do is put it back to stock
    Better yet ... put your OEM regulator back on ;)

  8. Stock is 39psi. That's where it is currently sitting. I'm just getting a tad frustrated. It's running really fat at idle. I can smell fuel, and it's running rough, almost like it has a miss. I'm thinking new o2's may be in line. I just don't know. I dont wanna dump money into troubleshooting if I can track the issue down.
  9. I don't see any mention of you pulling fault codes from the PCM. I would do this before throwing parts on.
  10. Already checked. I had two codes that were understandable. One was vapor canister being unhooked, the other I got a 511 which is EEC permanent read only memory(Rom) test failed. Not sure what that means.
  11. maybe i'm having a senior moment ... here is what i'm thinking ...

    when the O2 sensors report that the mixture is lean, the computer commands a richer LAMBSE to try to compensate. this results in an increase in the KAMRF.

    am i thinking about it backwards?
  12. Not sure to be honest. This is new to me and I'm learning heavily.