Mach 1 Idle Problem

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by mach1grrl, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. So I went to leave for lunch today and my mach started and then died. It would not idle. Unless I kept pressure on the gas, the car would die. So I headed straight to the dealer and I guess the idle cord on my mach died, which he said was not very common. I am sad :(

    Just curious if anyone else has had a similar problem?
  2. A bad IAC is a very common problems on all the mustangs. Oil from a K&N on the MAF electronics is another.
  3. Apparently Ford just cant make a good IAC..same problem on my Explorer, aunts expedition etc...
  4. cool thanks guys...I feel much better. I was worried since the service guy said it wasn't very common. Still sad though b/c apparently the IAC on machs and cobras have to be ordered from TN, so I am machless for 2 or 3 days...I hate being away from my
  5. what color? i'm waiting on delivery for a black 1....the wait is sooo stressfull!
  6. Mine is Azure Blue...just like the one shown in 24 last nite actually. Is yours a 2003 or 2004? I have had mine since last Feb...I hated the wait too! Sucks though b/c I am about to enter my first midwest winter with it :(
  7. its a 04 black 5-speed IUP, i'm in the north east the winters are rough...but she will be in a heated garage till spring, does yours not have a garage?:(
  8. nope no garage:(

    Our garage is full already with classics and a my mach and my mom's cobra have to sit outside during the winter. sucks huh? especially having to scrape all that snow and ice off the windows at 8 in the morning!
  9. :( yes thats terrible! ever consider those cheap car ports? might help a lil :( ...would your moms be a 03 snake?? that viper must be badass!
  10. no I haven't actually. Yeah my mom's is an 03...yellow. Viper...BAD ASS!!!!
  11. I know I'm going to feel stupid when I hear the answer, but I've been wondering what the hell is IUP?
  12. IUP= Interior upgrade package, it's all the bullit stuff and upgraded headrest on the seats.
  13. IAC=hanging rpms

    Didn't replacing the IAC fix the hanging rpm problems?

    I sure would like to get that fixed. :nice: Warranty covers it?

  14. I have had no problems since the IAC was replaced...and it was under warranty...they even gave me a free oil change for my inconvenience...sweet!
  15. I just got back from getting my IAC checked for the lingering rpms and they said it looked fine on their machine.
    Said it was normal, something to do with the emissions crap.

    I wonder since their not a svt dealer if they could be wrong?

    Or is there a chip I can get burned to get rid of this?