Idle/Rev Clips Post 'em Up!

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  1. mac equal lengths, some kind of x-pipe, and flowmasters from like 1960 haha. its all coming off for longtubes and bullets though.
  2. Need to make some more, but here's a quickie. :D

    Fox.flv video by DocG2828 - Photobucket

    **EDIT** Forgot to add.....equal length shorties.....Mac offroad Prochamber.....Mac Flowpath turn-downs. All with a few engine mods too :D
  3. some sick sounding foxes :D
  4. Well i'm sure everyone has seen mine but here's the current setup anyways.

    View attachment 267238

    Here's a couple of my other favs...

    This is a longrod 306 with Dynomax mufflers (very high RPMs)
    YouTube - LONGROD 306

    Here's another one, not only for the exhaust clip but because it's some of the fastest shifting i've ever seen so it's worth watching anyways :D
    YouTube - 347 mustang

    I just got a new camcorder and a new soon as i sort out my starter issue i'll post up some new ones.
  5. here is a few....

    Bassani X-pipe Flowmaster American Thunder Cat Back

    View attachment 267216

    View attachment 267217

    351W Longtubes Flowmasters

    View attachment 267218

    351w open pipes

    View attachment 267219

    Built 302 long tubes H pipe Onechamber Flowmaster Turn Downs

    View attachment 267220

    Stroked 302 Long tubes 3" X-pipe Flowmaster 3" Flowmaster Tips

    View attachment 267221

    stroked 302 long tubes Flowmasters

    View attachment 267222

    View attachment 267223

    View attachment 267224

    Blown 302 Shortys X-pipe, flowmasters